Pioneering Recyclable Food-Safe Film for Cranswick

Cranswick Country Foods, the UK’s leading meat producer, is reaping the benefits of a brand new fully recyclable, recycled-content, food-safe barrier film supplied exclusively by YPS for use across their poultry range.

Following a revolutionary pilot project engineered by Dow (a major materials science company and resin producer) and Bollore Packaging Films (the leading global flexible film manufacturer), we have singularly launched and distributed this new product – OXBTEC_RCB – in the UK, supplying it firstly to Cranswick Country Foods from September 2021. In what is truly a significant development for plastic packaging, R-OXBTEC is unique because it enables the use of recycled content in food-contact packaging applications which can in turn be recycled after use.

How is OXBTEC_RCB recyclable film made?

Partially formulated with recycled polyethylene, 30%+ of the blend in the OXBTEC_RCB film derives from a certified feed-stock recycled (PCR-rich) resin made from 100% mixed plastic waste developed using advanced recycling technologies. To achieve this, mixed used plastics are broken down into their basic chemical elements and regranulated into the equivalent of virgin plastics. The production of these circular polymers ensures hard-to-recycle plastics can be processed and re-used safely and effectively, providing further value rather than ending up in landfill or incineration. In addition, advanced recycling processes are expected to save approximately 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of plastic recycled, compared to incineration of unrecycled plastics. Remaining 100% recyclable and food-contact safe, OXBTEC_RCB meets the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) criteria by ensuring a precise volume of recycled content is present in every batch of film for complete traceability and transparency. Furthermore, this use of circular polymers renders the film exempt from the upcoming Plastic Packaging Tax in the UK due to come into force in early 2022, whilst also resonating well with EU initiatives including the Paris Agreement.

The benefits of OXBTEC_RCB for food use

The use of OXBTEC_RCB, which is appropriate for both shrinking and lidding applications, helps to combat food waste throughout the supply chain and in domestic settings. Designed to preserve fresh food products in particular, this barrier film prolongs the shelf life of foods considerably, for instance by doubling the use-by date of poultry from 7 to 14 days. The film has been awarded BRC accreditation from manufacture through to distribution and exceeds all hygiene and safety regulations.

Who are Cranswick Country Foods?

Cranswick Country Foods continuously strive to be leaders in sustainability across all aspects of their business, operating an Innovative programme called ‘Second Nature’ which is their blueprint for climate-ready action. The fresh food giant, which has pledged to become the world’s most sustainable meat business, is seeing the uptake of OXBTEC_RCB in their poultry production as an exciting step forward in their mission.

David Garbutt, head of procurement at Cranswick said:

We’re pleased to be leading the way with the introduction of this innovative film for our poultry packaging. It satisfies our circular goals whilst being technically outstanding in terms of freshness preservation and in the presentation of our products.

An exciting collaboration

Josh Gibson, sales director at YPS says:

This film represents the holy grail for MAP food applications and is the result of much research, development and stringent testing by DOW and Bollore. I am delighted therefore that YPS can spearhead the integration of this revolutionary product across the UK by delivering it first and foremost to Cranswick’s eco-conscious customer base.

Carsten Larsen, commercial director of plastics circularity at Dow adds:

This is an exciting collaboration and we are thrilled to be working with Bolloré, YPS and Cranswick to launch this high-quality, safe and recyclable packaging made from pioneering circular polymers. We are committed to making significant progress to accelerate a circular economy for plastics, as well as deliver against the EU’s target for all plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable in a cost-effective manner by 2030.

Nicolas Badier, product and R&D manager from Bolloré continues:

We are thrilled with the successful technological advances that made it possible for us to present now a certified recyclable barrier film for modified atmosphere packaging, which overcomes one of the biggest challenges of the industry and allows a film with recycled content to be used in food contact applications. Furthermore, our film helps brand owners and retailers to reach their sustainability goals and enables them to comply with newly introduced legislation and taxes concerning the use of plastic recycled materials in packaging.

With more recycled content films set to follow from the experts at Dow and Bollore, check back soon for more sustainable packaging film offerings available from YPS!

Cranswick's Benefits at a glance

longer shelf life

Eco-friendly packaging

enhanced presentation

innovative packaging

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