BSF Meat and Poultry Stretch Polyolefin Shrink Film

BSF Meat and Poultry Stretch Polyolefin Shrink Film

Ideal for the packing of fresh products using hermetic seals to prevent liquid leakage and contamination.

Our BSF polyolefin shrink film is ideally suited for packing fresh products (whole or in parts) such as meat and chicken, when modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is required. Unlike traditional stretch-shrink film, our BSF plastic film seals to prevent liquid leakage and contamination risks – a very important element in food packaging. This also prevents the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses whilst preventing waste and spoilage.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

To LDPE level 4. Fully BRC and food-contact approved.

Hermetic seals

BSF creates leak-proof, water-proof seals with a high anti-fog capacity.

Optical properties

Product-conforming shrink without wrinkles for highly attractive presentation.

Food-contact approved

With complete traceability and full BRC accreditation.

Compatible machinery

Designed to be run on horizontal machines. as well as L sealers and high-speed side sealers and tray packers.

Thermal Resistance

To facilitate high-speed tray packing.


superior properties for food

The high impact and puncture resistance of BSF film, as well as its elasticity, reduces damage and product loss, enabling cost savings to be made in the packaging of meat and poultry products. It also offers exceptional anti-fog properties that guarantee an attractive shelf presentation and a wrinkle-free shrink.

BSF film delivers an excellent stretch capacity while operating on the horizontal shrink wrapping machines that are specific to this type of food packaging. However, YPS are able to offer a wide range of L sealers and high speed side sealing machines which run this film at its optimum performance too.

The superior thermal resistance offered by BSF makes it easy to handle, which facilitates high-speed tray and hermetic packing. The seals that are created during the heat shrinking process are thin but resistant, to ensure a high level of cleanliness for shelves and products.

Our BRC-certified warehouse enables us to store full food contact-approved polyolefin shrink films and a popular call-off order system. We have a dedicated sales team available to discuss this shrink film and other modified atmosphere products within the Bolfresh® range at any time.

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poultry pieces

whole birds

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Our West Yorkshire location means that we are able to offer fast delivery of packaging materials across the UK and Ireland. Our large dedicated warehouse is stocked high with polythene and polyolefin, polybags and stretch films ready to despatch to your facility at your convenience.

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