YPS Ahead Of The Pack With On-Pack Recycling Label!

It’s clear that many consumers today are increasingly frustrated that they don’t know which types of packaging can be recycled or how. Indeed, research has shown that a staggering 84% of the UK population look for recycling information on packaging that is clear and consistent – but the reality is that it often falls short of their expectations.

The On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme was designed to tackle these frustrations – it delivers a simple and consistent UK-wide recycling message for packaging. Unlike other recycling labels, the scheme is based on current local authority recycling services and reflects exactly what can be recycled and where. This enables more consumers to recycle more material correctly, more often. This is very important when you consider that research by WRAP’s Recycle Now programme found that a huge 54% of well-intentioned citizens dispose at least one item in the general rubbish that could have been recycled instead.

The OPRL label gives clear recycling information for each packaging component (e.g. tray, carton, sleeve, film) and material (card, paper, foil, plastic etc). An item’s recyclability is defined by the proportion of local authorities offering recycling services for that material and component. Because we at Yorkshire Packaging Systems take very seriously the impact our industry has on the environment, we have joined OPRL’s scheme to ensure that we are giving this clear advice to end-users on how best to recycle our shrink films.

As such, YPS are pleased to confirm that almost all of our range of Bollore polyolefin shrink films BY, BE, BRX, BFF, BTT+ 125, BTTX, BTTXF, BTT+ 90 and B-Nat – can now be labelled as ‘Recycle With Carrier Bags At Larger Stores – Check Locally Kerbside’ under the current OPRL guidelines. As such, where these films are used, and the brand owner is an existing member of OPRL, the on-pack recycling label can be added.

For further information, please contact our friendly shrink film experts on 01484 715111, who will be happy to provide details on how to apply the logo and what benefits the scheme can offer.

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