Low Stretch Force Stretch Film

Low Stretch Force Stretch Film

Our cast co-extruded LLDPE pallet stretch wrap film - now with recycled content!

This low stretch force film is designed specifically for use on rotary stretch wrap machines incorporating pre-stretch and power pre-stretch settings of up to 200-220%. Despite having the lowest stretch capacity in the range, this specification is more than suitable for most semi-automatic machinery currently in the market.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

To LDPE level 4.


Available in 15 – 23mu.

stretch ratio

The lowest stretch ratio in our range at 200-220%.


Our low stretch force wrap is a cast co-extruded film.


Available in rolls 500mm wide.


Better suited to semi-automatic pallet wrapping equipment.


Integrity guaranteed

As with most stretch films, the film has differential cling on its inner and outer face – the inside face is much higher. This helps with the adhesion of the film layer by layer, aiding overall wrap integrity and strength, ensuring that the end of the wrap tacks down at all levels of stretch. Plus, due to its manufacturing process, the pallet film benefits from the very low unwind noise that is associated with cast films and can be unwound without difficulty or film breakage.

You can choose from thicknesses including 15mu, 17mu, 20mu and 23mu according to your product’s vulnerability, all with reel widths of 500mm; our film experts can recommend a specification tailored exactly to your application and equipment if you are unsure.

our low stretch force stretch film can wrap pallets of

boxed products

products in sacks

trayed products

mixed pallets

building products

food & beverage

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