Stretch Wrapping Machines

Look no further than YPS for stretch wrapping machines that will streamline and complete your packaging operation, leaving your goods ready for transit or warehouse storage. As the ideal end-of-line equipment to any wrapping system, our stretch wrappers are available in both semi-automatic and fully automatic variations with an impressive choice of specifications and optional extras to suit every application and any warehouse setting.

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Automated pallet wrapping: The advantages

Stretch wrapping machines are an easy, fast, convenient and efficient way to wrap your pallets ready for the carrier network. Offering a securely bound load beneath a watertight layer of film, pallet wrapping prevents movement of your goods during transportation which can cause damage to your products.

Complete load stability is important in light of the EU Directive 2014/47, which governs the securing of cargo with stretch wrap for the transportation of pallets. The legislation dictates that all pallets transported within the EU must maintain stiffness (with the maximum elastic deformation no greater than 10% and the maximum permanent deformation no more than 5%) when subject to horizontal inertia forces such as those created by a turning vehicle. There could be grave health and safety consequences if a heavy, poorly secured pallet collapsed in transit. You can trust that with stretch wrapping equipment from YPS, load security is our paramount objective and therefore compliance to the EU directive is completely guaranteed.

Furthermore, automating your pallet wrapping with machinery considerably reduces the amount of film you use and therefore saves on costs. Our machinery can exert a greater stretch capacity on the film than an individual handling it manually, whilst maintaining its integrity. This allows you to achieve more wrapped pallets per each roll of stretch film your business uses. Our range of stretch films have a stretch ratio of up to 400% versus standard hand wrap films which can be far, far less. Using significantly less stretch film equates to a cost saving as you will need to purchase fewer rolls.

Cost savings can also be achieved in terms of labour  as the equipment can match speeds that rival the work capacity of several operators, representing a short payback on your investment. Additionally, total consistency is guaranteed when using a stretch wrapping machine compared to a hand-wrapping set-up. The equipment ensures that every part of the pallet is wrapped adequately and evenly, avoiding areas of the pallet being overlooked or more film being used than is required.

Automated stretch wrapping equipment can be beneficial for more than just your production efficiency and your profit margins. Manual pallet wrapping poses several risks to your operators from hazards associated with bending, lifting, repetitive movements and trips and slips. Swap heavy lifting for the touch of a button and avoid these common health and safety pitfalls.

Environmentally friendly solutions

Our overriding goal is to reduce the impact our packaging solutions have on our environment. As outlined above, automated stretch wrapping equipment reduces the amount of plastic wrap used compared to a manual arrangement. However, our environmental aims are also the reason why our entire range of stretch wrap film is fully recyclable to LDPE 04.

To directly assist with your recycling initiatives, YPS can supply and install a baling machine at your facility at no cost to you. The baler compacts waste plastic film into cubic tonne blocks which are then collected by us at your convenience, before being recycled and regranulated back into new stretch films.

Complimentary wrapping audits

To make sure that your pallet wrapping system is exactly suited to your needs, our team of stretch wrapping experts are happy to carry out a full and thorough wrapping audit. This involves a survey of your bespoke requirements to improve performance and reduce wastage, including stretch ratio, micron, operator capacity and warehouse layout. We will also calculate exactly how much it costs you to wrap each pallet and show you where and how savings can be achieved. Our team can also conduct dedicated stretch film trials with your palletised products. Following our investigation, you can rest assured that the pallet wrapping solution we supply meets all of your needs perfectly.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We offer a scheme where our equipment can be hired for a minimum period of three months. Should you wish to purchase the equipment after this period, we will deduct the hire charges you have already paid from the final price, meaning it costs no extra than purchasing it outright in the first place. Interested? Call us today to discuss this in further detail.

A turntable model involves pallets being loaded onto a plate at the base. The plate is then spun round causing the stretch film, which is fixed to one corner, to wrap around the pallet. The film holder moves up and down to ensure the entire pallet is covered. A rotating arm pallet wrapper, also called a rotary stretch wrapper, is ideal for more unstable or heavier products where the pallet is best kept stationary. The film holder is positioned on an arm which is levered from above and which moves around the pallet below in a circular motion, thereby wrapping the film around it. The arm is able to move up and down in order to distribute the stretch film over the entire pallet.

Although commonly confused, shrink and stretch are two completely different packaging methods. Stretch wrapping is used to wrap pallets of products securely for transportation purposes. The film stretches around these stacked pallets. Shrink wrapping is designed to wrap the products themselves either in singles or collations for several reasons including aesthetic presentation, tamper-evidence and preservation. The wrapping method involves the application of heat to shrink the plastic film around the exact shape of the product.

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