UK plastic packaging tax

1st April 2022

What is the tax?

From April 1st 2022, a new tax will be applied to all plastic packaging manufactured in or imported into the UK that does not contain a minimum of 30% recycled content. The levy will be £200 per metric tonne. The aim of the tax is to incentivise more businesses to incorporate more recycled plastics in their packaging, to promote widespread recycling of plastics and to channel waste plastic away from landfill or incineration.

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Stay ahead of the pack with a tax-exempt material from YPS

To beat the tax, YPS can supply a wide array of flexible shrink and stretch films, as well as polybags and mailers containing a minimum of 30% recycled material in their blends, whether from post-consumer waste streams or post-industrial regenerated raw materials. The presence of recycled content in each material is 100% certifiable, and has been proven not to affect the properties, appearance or performance of the material compared to their standard counterparts. We can even safely provide recycled content films to food businesses who require food-contact approved packaging. All materials remain 100% recyclable. Discover all of our recycled content products below and get in touch today to arrange a sample. Stay ahead of the pack with YPS!

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Oxbtec Barrier
BZ Cross Linked High Impact
BTT Ultra-Thin Technology
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BE Multi-Packing
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David Garbutt, Cranswick Country Foods

"We’re pleased to be leading the way with the introduction of this innovative recycled content film for our poultry packaging. It satisfies our circular goals whilst being technically outstanding in terms of freshness preservation and in the presentation of our products."