Standing Automatic Bagging Machine Max Pro 24

Key Features
  • The widest machine of its type on the market - capable of bagging two shoe boxes side by side.
  • One unit matches the output of four manual pack stations offering a swift payback on investment.
  • Prints information, barcodes and graphics directly onto shipping bags to negate paper labels.
  • Precise bag opening and closing with bag deflators to create a neatly presented and secure package.
  • Integrated precision barcode reader for e-commerce operations.
  • Customisable configuration, portable and height adjustable, ideal for shift work or temporary workforces.
  • Compatible with up to 10 different types of bags including fully recyclable LDPE specifications.
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.
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Ideal Applications

  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Injection Moulding Parts
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Service Packs
  • Jewellery
  • Needlework Supplies & Craft Hobbies
  • Automotive Parts
  • Fasteners
  • Electrical Components

The widest auto bagger on the market

With a roomy 24-inch aperture, the Max 24 Pro bagger claims the title of widest automatic bagging unit on the market. Coupled with a 12-inch depth, the Max 24 Pro is officially the most generous bagging solution for sizeable products, capable of a 12 x 12 inch opening in total to fit packages measuring up to 36 inches long and 24 inches wide. That’s as much as two standard shoe boxes sitting side by side in one bag. Add to the mix it’s 10lb weight capacity and it’s easy to see how the Max Pro makes light work of heavy, bulky items. Don’t ship items this large? Future-proof your plans for the ever-evolving e-commerce market with the Max Pro 24 and be prepared and ready whatever your packs. Even if you currently bag small items only, the intuitive system programming will auto change the passthrough for each and every product whilst the bag deflator mechanism dynamically adapts to its size for a neat close and presentable finish.

Max Pro delivers Max ROI

One fully automatic Max Pro 24 with a single operator can do the equivalent work of four manual packers. This equates to huge gains in throughouts, capacity and speed. Thanks to the intelligent HMI’s job recall, all parameters and settings can be saved so there’s no downtime when switching between jobs. Fast and easy bag changeovers are made possible by the  drop shelf and the lightweight aluminium jaw means reduced cycle times to keep up the pace. .

Time is not the only resource to be gained. As well as labour costs, the Max Pro 24 delivers material savings as it negates the need for secondary labels. The thermal transfer printing is done directly onto the bag rather than a label, equating to a sizable annual savings for busy distribution centres. Additionally, the reductions in packaging weights that come from bagging versus boxes or cartons can significantly slash freight costs. The Max Pro 24 can reduce thermal ribbon usage by as much as 90% compared to competitor models by adjusting impression placements to maximise available ribbon space and its constantly heated sealing bar lasts for millions of cycles to reduce consumables spend versus impulse mechanisms. Its moveable printing head can be set to precise positions based on package size to print bags in order and prevent scrap waste.

Bags of quality

If you’re looking for a high quality bagging unit on which to run high quality bagging consumables, the Max Pro 24 is for you. It’s compatible with up to 10 different types of bag including metallised and fully recyclable LDPE variations. Plus, bags with handles and euro slot holes can be run as well as bags with sealable strips for easy returns. Speak to us about your exact requirements as we can supply materials to any specification,  in a range of thicknesses, widths and with or without printed designs. Plastic not your bag? The unit can also run fully recyclable paper bags for those looking to eliminate plastic packaging.

Whatever your material of choice, a quality finish is achieved across the board with the Max Pro 24. It’s Zebra printer guarantees the highest resolution 300 DPI for a smudge-free print, making readability and scannability a breeze and ensuring full traceability with easy quality checking.

Plug and play

The Max Pro 24 was designed to be simple to use, straightforward and reliable in order to cope with the demands of dynamic, busy environments. Adapting to any warehouse, any workstation, any worker; its ergonomic, free-standing construction is height-adjustable and fully portable, meaning it can simply be wheeled into position and connected to power ready to begin bagging. The dashboard screen can be easily moved using a universal boom arm from a left to right position to suit the individual user and the latches for bag threading can also be swapped to either handing for personal comfort. Front and side loading is possible to accommodate any packing arrangement and/or product and can prevent bags tearing when filled with heavier items. This total flexibility of configuration is critical for businesses with temporary, seasonal or shift pattern workforces and those bagging a huge variety of products because it delivers an easy set-up between runs and operators. Furthermore, visual operation guides displayed on the machine’s casing and the user friendly HMI memory make this model perfect for staff who need to become acquainted with it quickly and it’s ability to make intuitive self-adjustments on the fly translates to a hassle-free operation. The Max Pro 24’s compatibility with a range of conveyors, bowl feeders and printers makes it truly ideal for both established fulfilment operations as well as new packing lines to simply ‘plug and play’.

Back up and support

The Max Pro 24 boasts incredible features to aid with seamless running. It’s predictive maintenance alerts operators to cleaning requirements and running issues. Online troubleshooting via HMI diagnostics are also available using manuals and video clips to quickly get you back up and running in the event of a fault, minimising downtime. The HMI, printer and PLC can be networked allowing access from anywhere at any time and remote control can be gained for label printing and production reporting. All parts are widely available to offer you flexibility but are available with next day shipping direct from YPS.

We are proud to provide a service contract free of charge with every machine – which is unique in our industry – to provide regular preventative maintenance from our team of expert in-house engineers, Your packaging is our priority.

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