Ecommerce Packaging Machines

Our range of ecommerce packaging machines have been designed to combine bagging with print and apply labelling solutions in one seamless production line. Each is compatible with fully recyclable and recycled content (up to 70% PCW) LDPE plastic films and recyclable paper packaging. These models have been constructed with flexibility in mind to cater to a variety of products, pack sizes and packaging materials, yet with 100% uncompromisable rigidity for data control and labelling. With a remarkable speed capacity, our solutions will achieve high production output whatever your specific e-commerce application.

Discover our collection of automated ecommerce wrapping machines below or call our expert team today for more information.

Ideal Applications

  • Apparel
  • Books & Magazines
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Healthcare Products
  • Toys & Games
  • Mail-Order Fulfilment
  • And more…

Key Features

  • Compatible with all fully recyclable YPS films (LDPE 04) including bio-films.
  • Compatible with recycled content films up to 70%.
  • Compatible with recyclable paper packaging from YPS.
  • Compatible with printed films for enhanced branding potential.
  • Secure product bagging.
  • Integrated ‘Print and Apply Labelling’ solutions.
  • GDPR compliant data handling.
  • High speed wrapping solutions for efficient production.
  • Intuitive, operator friendly, touch screen control systems.
  • Remote diagnostic support available.

The landscape of retail packaging

The world of retail is ever-changing and so are its packaging trends. However, the rapid growth in the e-commerce sector has changed the face of consumer purchasing entirely. To compete successfully in the demanding e-commerce platform, businesses must ensure they offer a professional and efficient service from the very first click right through to delivery, meaning that new (and stringent) considerations come into play for their packaging. Where once the packaging agenda for the retail market focused primarily on shelf-ready aesthetic presentation, now it needs to serve other purposes too, including being accurately labelled, damage-resistant, space-efficient for the carrier network and increasingly eco-friendly.

Environmentally friendly flexibles

Our e-commerce machinery can be complemented with a range of eco-friendly packaging materials which makes YPS unique in this market. Our overall goal is to reduce the impact our packaging solutions have on our environment. To achieve this, not only do we offer plastic films that contain post-consumer waste (up to 70%) and thereby reduce the levels of raw materials used in their production, but all of our plastic films are fully recyclable to LDPE 04, conforming to the full circle economy model. Furthermore, we can offer reduced micron films without any compromise on strength or functionality. Downgauging in this way significantly reduces the volumes of plastic used, representing a much shorter payback on your e-commerce investment as a whole.

For online retailers facing plastic objections from their customers, YPS can also supply fully recyclable paper packaging materials, both in coated and uncoated variations.


YPS understand the importance and rigours of total GDPR compliance for e-commerce businesses. Heavy financial penalties are levied on firms that flout its strict codes of conduct and permit data breaches.

For online retailers, this means your packaging process and address labelling must be synchronised perfectly to ensure that every item is documented correctly. This attention to detail means that each product will reach the correct customer and protects sensitive name and address information. GDPR also dictates that your data must be held 100% securely without exception.

The one-in-one-out-and-destroy data bank that is integrated into every machine from the YPS e-commerce range guarantees full GDPR compliance for your total peace of mind.

Satisfaction labelled… and delivered

UK businesses now operate in times of reduced tolerance for blunders from consumers who are quick to publicise any failures. Customer’s trust is only exchanged for timely and accurate deliveries, and so mixing up labels on parcels can cost e-tailers dear in terms of customer satisfaction levels and their wider reputation.

Rest assured that you can depend on YPS when it comes to accurate delivery dockets. Our barcode scanning software retrieves the correct address data every time.

Reducing returns, protecting profits

Goods that are damaged in transit translate to high levels of returns, eating into profit margins for online retailers. Utilising shrinkable film safeguards your products against water ingress, acts as a tamper-evident seal and ensures they are kept dust and dirt free, resulting in fewer costly returns. Shrinkable plastic is also lightweight, void-reducing and durable which is advantageous for transit.

Branding potential

Every time you despatch a customer’s product from your warehouse, your packaging represents an easy-win marketing opportunity. Generate interest in your brand from potential customers every time your parcels are delivered to a workplace reception or a customer’s neighbour. YPS can emblazon your logo, strapline and other marketing collateral directly onto your e-commerce bags in up to 10 colours, using high definition flexographic printing.

Hugo Beck, Logopak & YPS partnership

We have the expertise you are looking for in the e-commerce sector. A trio of intelligent and experienced packaging powerhouses have joined forces to bring you the most robust, reliable and sophisticated e-commerce packaging lines currently available on the market.


After more than four decades in the industry, YPS has the know-how and experience to tailor e-commerce packaging solutions to your exact requirements, manage and install your equipment and provide the back-up and support needed to keep your production running smoothly.

Hugo Beck

With a 65 year track record in the industry, Hugo Beck is renowned world-wide as the industry standard for high-speed packaging solutions. With precision German engineering, their wrapping and bagging machines have unrivalled build quality and boast cutting-edge software and controls. YPS are proud to be the only UK distributor of Hugo Beck equipment.


Logopak is the most innovative manufacturer of Print and Apply Labelling equipment in the market. Easy to use and housing superior technology, Logopak’s labellers deliver precise, accurate and speedy label dispensation and replenishment that is perfectly in tune with the bagging application offered by Hugo Beck.


E-tailers; can you afford not to choose YPS?

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