Flexo E-COM

Key Features
  • E-Commerce Print & Apply Labeling Solution.
  • Industry-leading entry level model from Hugo Beck.
  • Fully integrated label application system with approval checking system.
  • Common bag width approach for simple and easy setup.
  • Passing height of 250mm as standard.
  • Pass width of 600mm as standard.
  • Simple touch screen control system.
  • Designed to run PE, PO, PP and Bio films in centerfold or singlewound.
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The landscape of retail packaging

The world of retail is changing and so is its packaging. The rapid growth in the e-commerce sector has changed the face of consumer purchasing. To compete successfully in this e-commerce platform, businesses must ensure they offer a professional service from first click right through to delivery, meaning that new considerations come into play for their packaging.

Where once the packaging agenda for the consumer market focused mainly on shelf-ready aesthetic presentation, now it needs to serve other purposes including being damage-resistant, compact and space-efficient for transportation. Most importantly, packaging has to be labelled correctly for delivery to ensure that products make it to the right customer. Mixing up labels on parcels can cost e-tailers dear in terms of customer satisfaction levels. Furthermore, since the implementation of the GDPR laws in May 2018, the necessity of absolute 100% accuracy for labels has never been so critical in order to avoid strict and heavy penalties.

Innovative solution from YPS

With this in mind, YPS and Hugo Beck have come together to develop a turnkey e-commerce solution; the Flexo E-COM. The bagging process is now provided with additional integration with our label application system to provide full data management for your products. Our solution takes away the manual handling aspect of pick and collection, reducing labour costs by replacing in some cases up to 8 people per line and negating the room for human error.

The brilliance in this e-commerce solution is its insistence on faultless precision. To avoid any opportunity for error, the system only works with one piece of data at any one time. In alternative models on the market, the label and apply system would hold a whole batch of data and dispense address labels one by one onto wrapped packages. One removed parcel on the conveyor would cause a stream of incorrectly labelled parcels to follow. The innovative YPS design instead works by feeding one product at a time into the shrink wrapper which has the print and apply system mounted inside. The system reads the product and prints one label using the one data record it holds. The product is then bagged by the shrink wrapper and the system applies its printed label, destroys the data and waits for the next product before beginning again. This one-in, one-out, process eliminates errors and ensures absolute reliability and security as well as 100% compliance with data laws.

Investing in an e-commerce packaging solution from YPS represents a short payback on the capital investment and ultimately a far more consistent process for your products.

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