Which bagging machines are sustainable?

In the modern fast-paced market, businesses need packaging operations that can keep up with demand, boost production and raise profits. But as well as increasing throughput, more organisations require bagging machines that meet higher sustainability standards. At YPS we strive to minimise the impact of our goods and services on the environment, wherever possible.

As part of our multi-pronged ‘eco-mittment’, we only ever supply materials that are 100% recyclable and have designed many of our bagging machines to reduce waste significantly. Here, we outline the most beneficial baggers for businesses and the planet.

The benefits of sustainable bagging machines

Using light and compact bags that are easier to transport than bulky, weighty corrugated boxes is a surefire way to instantly enhance sustainability credentials. Whether paper or recyclable plastic, our bags are compatible with our high-speed bagging machines, bringing many benefits to your process and organisation. Automated bagging machines minimise labour costs, wasted materials, and risks caused by human error. And style doesn’t need to take the back seat to meet sustainability efforts. Bags can be tailored to unique branding requirements, from colours to width and thickness. This eye-catching packaging, plus recyclable packaging, can have an impact on the consumer.

Which sustainable bagging machines are best for my requirements?

Our bagging machines are designed to streamline packing processes for various applications, using precise and intelligent product recognition to save material consumption. Slow-running bagging machines with lots of downtime and wasted packaging are good for business. This overuse of energy and material can harm the environment. Find a sustainable fit for your organisation below.

For tight shipping bags and GDPR compliance: Flexo 700 E-Com Fit

With its 700 mm-wide sealing jaw, Flexo 700 E-Com Fit is an unrivalled horizontal bagging machine in the industry. This functionality allows bags to be tailored precisely to the dimensions of the product being processed, tightly packing them to prevent waste. A secure print-and-apply label system from Vulcan provides the strictest GDPR compliance for businesses. All fully recyclable centre-folded films (up to 100mu in thickness) are compatible with the Flexo, biofilms, and films made of up to 70% recycled content.

For award-winning packaging with reduced consumption: Paper E-Com Fit

Known as the ‘sewing machine’, our horizontal bagger Paper E-Com Fit creates stunning sewn-edge packs and was shortlisted for the ‘Innovative Packaging Machinery’ award at the PPMA Total Show 2022. By detecting each product’s dimensions and matching the bagging to fit, this unit reduces overall paper consumption and prevents voids. The result? Tight shipping bags in various product sizes with show-stopping aesthetic finishes.

For flexible switches between paper and plastic bags: Paper X Hybrid

Another unrivalled sustainable bagger on the market, the Paper X Hybrid, can pack paper or plastic bags - futureproofing processes for businesses and allowing flexibility in material choices, with quick and easy changeovers between the two materials. This negates the need for separate equipment, saving warehouse space, energy consumption, and all the extra maintenance for different lines. Better for the environment, better for your ROI.

For precise packing and consumable reductions: Sharp Max Pro 24

One of the wisest investments for conscious businesses is the hybrid Sharp Max Pro 24 Bagging Machine. Officially the widest automatic bagging machine on the market, this spectacular unit has a 24-inch aperture, saves time, labour, energy, and material costs while negating the need for secondary labels. It is also the only machine on the market to process paper and plastic packaging.

Its moveable printing head can be set to precise positions based on package size to print bags in order. Thermal transfer printing is direct to each bag (rather than a label), which prevents waste and equates to serious annual savings for busy distribution centres. Lighter bagging weights (versus boxes or cartons) can also reduce freight costs. Meanwhile, thermal ribbon usage is slashed by as much as 90% (compared to competitor models), and the Max Pro 24’s sealing bar is constantly heated to last for millions of cycles. All lowering consumable spending and preventing scrap waste.

Rising to the sustainable challenge

Our team is constantly working towards our goal of a sustainable future in numerous practical ways, and we support our clients with environmental efforts. Our PE-lined papers comprise 95% paper with only a 5% PE lining and are 100% recyclable. Our printed paper bags and standard papers are endlessly flexible, durable, versatile, and cost-efficient for organisations cutting down on plastic.

Concerned your operation may be generating waste? Maybe you’re aiming to improve your sustainable bagging efforts while increasing packaging efficiency. Get in touch to explore our sustainable end-to-end bagging machine solutions. Our experts can help you find the most appropriate equipment, tweak your current machine's settings, or recommend more eco-friendly materials.

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