Bollore Introduces Pre-Perforated Film

Bollore Shrink Film

A whole new revolution in shrink film has now been introduced into our extensive range! We can now unveil that we are able to supply pre-perforated film in a wide range of microns and roll sizes.

During the shrinking process, any film being used must have some hole perforations to allow the trapped air to escape and facilitate a good aesthetic shrink. If this was not the case then the air would simply burn its way out of the pack.

Therefore all shrink wrappers have some form of hole perforation system and this can prove to be a major problem area for a lot of users in terms of maintenance and set up, especially during operator shift changes. If the perforation wheels are allowed to become blunt they tear the shrink film and if too many perforations are applied a less presentable pack is achieved.

For this reason, the new BE grade of shrink film from Bollore hopes to address these problems. The pre-perforations mean that is one less thing to worry about with your machine set up.

In the past we have seen so many problems with incorrect perforations; especially on some of the cheaper systems on the market, that this new BE shrink film should make life easier for a lot of users. The initial feedback we have had has been extremely positive.