News & Insights - Shrink Wrapping

Here you can find out about all of our news and views! Our blog reports on our latest events, unveils our new product launches and shares what the Yorkshire Packaging team have been up to. We also examine the topic of wrapping as a whole; its relevance, its challenges, its perceptions and its progress – to explain why it remains one of the most important packaging methods in the industry today.

What Is BOPE Shrink Film?

Mono-materials such as Bi-axially Oriented Polyethylene (BOPE) are big news for plastic packaging, representing a significant step forward in their recyclability credentials.

Sector Spotlight: Compliance, Competence And Calibration For Aerosol Wrapping

The packaging of aerosols is a highly technical operation that commands a cautious approach. Therefore, the introduction of any shrink wrapping equipment for aerosols should be meticulously planned, researched and the advice of an expert sought.

Shrink Wrapping Equipment And Your Safety

Heavy lifting of shrink films, poor physical guarding and inadequate operator training can all spell disaster for the safety of your operators. Understand how to implement and maintain the highest standards of health and safety practise for your wrapping equipment.

Tips For More Eco-Friendly Shrink And Stretch Wrapping

We’ve compiled eleven easy changes you should consider implementing with your film and equipment to help achieve your greener goals for shrink and stretch wrapping applications.

Which Plastics Do Supermarket Buyers Prefer?

With more and more supermarkets (and their customers) looking for sustainably packaged products, what plastic should you pitch your product to them in? How do you know which plastics supermarkets prefer?

A Place For Plastic In Taxing Times: A Study Of Recycled Content Films

Following Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s announcement in the budget of a £200 per tonne tax on plastics containing less than 30% recycled content, YPS have been examining the impact this may have on customers for current and future projects.

Sector Spotlight: Poultry Clucks Good In Shrink Wrap

Maintaining freshness, preventing contamination, extending shelf life and providing an anti-fog finish - shrink film has fantastic benefits for the poultry industry.

Top Tips For Maintaining Your Shrink Wrapping Machine

When you purchase capital equipment like wrapping machinery, you want it to stand the test of time. To protect your investment whilst ensuring you get the most from your machinery throughout its lifetime, we recommend following these easy steps.