Intro To Paper Bagging & Bagging Machines

For organisations that are looking for an alternative solution to poly bagging, then paper bagging could offer your business another sustainable solution.

Here, we outline the benefits of different types of paper bagging machines and paper bagging, what to consider when making an investment, and which products may be best suited to your particular application at hand.

What are the benefits of bagging machines and paper bagging?

Paper bagging materials remain one of the most popular packaging options worldwide. When combined with horizontal or vertical bagging machines, they can bring a range of benefits to your bagging process and organisation.

More sustainable systems

Both our horizontal and vertical range of bagging machines ensure that your finished packs are as economical as possible, using the minimum amount of paper to eliminate needless waste.

Our horizontal bagging machines use product recognition sensors, ensuring the finished pack is in proportion with the products inside.

Our vertical bagging machines use pre-formed paper bags, with the bag sizes being determined through a sample analysis process. Following this process, bag sizes are then selected to best match the products that are been packed, again ensuring minimal material wastage.

All of the papers in our bagging range are 100% recyclable, adding to the circular economy and eliminating single use materials.

Maximum efficiency

By seriously increasing the speed, throughput, and accuracy of your bagging process, automated bagging machines save labour costs, material waste, and costly mistakes caused by human error. Our range of bagging machines also enable you to print product information, barcodes, shipping labels etc and apply these to your finished packs to the strictest GDPR standards, helping your business stay fully compliant.

Multiple branding options

Sustainability doesn’t have to compromise on style. As well as different levels of width and thickness to choose from, our papers can be designed to your unique branding requirements. Perfect for packing a punch with consumers.

Which bagging machines are best for my requirements?

From industrial distribution centres to e-commerce packing stations, our bagging machines are designed to streamline bagging and labelling capabilities for a wide range of applications. Which type to choose depends on your industry, product, available space, budget, and other factors. Here, we outline our bagging machines and their most-suited applications.

Horizontal bagging machines

Our horizontal bagging machines pair Hugo Beck’s high-speed bagging with Vulcan’s super-smart labelling systems. The latter system uses Intelligent Motion™ technology to remove 80% of costly wear parts, offering GDPR compliance with one-in-one-out data printing systems. Ideal for e-commerce, logistics, and mail order applications. These machines bag products with minimised material consumption and ensure shipping bags are as light and tight as possible.

Vertical bagging machines

Vertical baggers increase packing speeds, output, efficiency and accuracy whilst reducing costs in labour, consumables and secondary packaging. Whether it be small or large parts, single or multi-item, the Max Pro 24 system has you covered.

The Max Pro 24 system's small footprint makes this the ideal option for smaller packing areas, or businesses that are looking to take the next step up from their current manual packing operation. Whether it be small or large batch runs, our vertical bagging machines seriously streamline the process.

Automated bagging machines

From auto-parts to medical devices, the best automated bagging machines have precision-perfect bagging and labelling capabilities for a range of applications. As well as photoeyes for accurate bag length detection, the in-built thermal transfer printer prints directly onto the pack, ensuring the material is still 100% recyclable when reaching the end user.  If you’re looking to bag large items, our Sharp Max Pro 24 Bagging Machine is the widest automatic bagging machine on the market, boasting a roomy 24-inch aperture.

Which paper bagging materials should I choose?

All of our paper bagging materials are 100% recyclable. The type you require depends on the product you’re packing, machines you’re using, and the aesthetics you desire.

Standard papers

Available as a range of specifications, our all-purpose standard papers are endlessly flexible, versatile, and cost-efficient. With high-tensile strength, high-tear resistance, and high stiffness, these papers are perfect for mailing e-commerce medium-duty products. Choose your width, thickness, and finish and ensure the end users are receiving the ultimate customer experience. 

At YPS, we pride ourselves on our 360° philosophy, seeking to pair the right material with the right bagging machines with our technical expertise. Contact us to find the perfect end-to-end solution for your bagging requirements.