CROCCO materials ahead of the pack for sustainability

Recognition for CROCCO - for the third year running

Packaging materials manufacturer, CROCCO, has been recognised for its progress in the field of sustainability - for the third year running.  The Italian company, represented in the UK by Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS), has again been included in the prestigious list of 100 top environmentally-progressive Italian businesses, compiled for the Sustainability Award 2023, an initiative supported by Forbes magazine.

The Greenside model

The accolade comes as a result of a continued, long-term focus on improving the environmental impact of their products from every angle – a focus that has led to the development of their sustainable innovation model, Greenside.

“Well done to our partners at CROCCO on receiving this recognition! The Greenside model sets the benchmark for achieving genuine progress on sustainability in packaging,” commented YPS MD, Glyn Johnson.  “So many of our customers here in the UK are looking to make these improvements.  The Greenside method is an ideal starting point when we discuss with them how to achieve the best solution for their operations.”

Examining every aspect of packaging

The Greenside model includes examining the following aspects of a company or product’s packaging:

  • Carbon neutral – A full analysis of embodied carbon.  CROCCO holds extensive data on the CO2 emissions impact of its own products.

  • Downgauging – The reduction of packaging thickness to lower overall plastics use.

  • Biobased – The introduction of packaging manufactured from renewable raw materials.  CROCCO continues to focus on further development of these materials.

  • Use of Recycled content - The introduction of recycled polyethylene into films currently produced with only virgin polymer, which makes it possible to close the circle between end-of-life material and raw materials and to achieve a true circular economy.

  • Compostable materials – CROCCO has developed the first biodegradable and compostable cling film, LEAF.  A new product for food packaging, this material turns into a resource for the environment at the end of its useful life. 

“It’s a privilege to represent CROCCO’s innovative products, which are leading the industry in reducing environmental impact,” concluded Glyn.  “At YPS, we distribute machines and materials that keep the packaging industry moving forward and CROCCO’s materials and approach are a perfect example of these forward-thinking solutions.”

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