Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Our portfolio of semi automatic pallet wrapping machinery is equipped to meet your needs and industry regulations whatever your application. Including both rotating arm and turntable  models, our semi automatic stretch wrapping range can be customised for a fully bespoke solution. Optional extras like digital weight scales, freezer-proof systems and stainless or mild steel finishes are available and varying speeds, film carriage types, loading ramps and wrapping cycles can be catered for.

Browse our semi automatic pallet wrapping machinery below or call our expert customer service team today to find out more.

Key Features

  • Semi automatic turntable and rotating arm systems, either standalone or integrated.
  • Accepts any pallet width (including Euro and CHEPS).
  • Handles stretch up to 400%.
  • Intuitive touch screen systems for absolute control with ease.
  • Freezer-proof stainless steel models available. 
  • Low maintenance design and build. 
  • Pre-programme and retain your wrapping configurations.
  • Pallet height recognition sensor included as standard.
  • Film carriage safety stop supplied as standard.Waterproof wrapping cycle offered as standard.

Partners in excellence

We have partnered with the world-renowned manufacturer Robopac to offer a selection of semi automatic stretch wrappers that are sure to exceed your expectations. Robopac has combined technical expertise with innovation to create this range of market-leading stretch wrapping products for YPS.

Yorkshire Packaging complement Robopac’s technical brilliance with our outstanding SafeContractor approved back up and support, the inclusion of a comprehensive service contract, extensive warranties and the supply of high quality, fully recyclable stretch films.

Limited space? A machine for every footprint

We understand that every warehouse’s despatch area is different and that space comes at a premium. This is why our selection of pallet wrapping machines suit a range of spaces and sizes. A variety of ramps of differing widths and lengths can be fitted and positioned around the turntable at whatever point suits the direction of travel for your forklift trucks. Plus our ‘low profile’ models incorporate turntables of a smaller depth, allowing pallets to be manoeuvred onto the machine more easily and from any angle on a reduced slope ramp.

Easy to use

You purchase a stretch wrapping machine to make life easier, to take the effort out of your wrapping process, so you expect the machine itself to be simple and fuss-free too. With a clear, icon-based, touch-screen interface and pre-programmable parameters, wrapping your pallets of all sizes will be a breeze with YPS and Robopac.

A choice of film carriage

There are two types of standard film carriage available for our semi automatic machine offering; manually adjusted (a core brake system) and fixed (a power pre-stretch system).

The manually adjusted film carriage with mechanical brake has an indicator to display the tension setting. There is also a tension on/off lever to allow the stretch film to be released whilst being attached to the pallet without altering the film tension. This system allows tension to be constant and not affected by the size of the film reel.

The fixed film carriage, by contrast, operates in a pre-selected gear, chosen from the control panel, of which there are four; 150%, 200%, 250% and 300% power pre-stretch. The tension is controlled by a strain gauge which is adjusted on the control panel. The powered rollers pre-stretch the film before application to greatly increase the yield from the roll and improve load containment.

Back up and support

Our entire range of stretch pallet wrappers is supported by our award winning back up and support, including 3 years turntable warranty, 3 years parts warranty and 2 years labour warranty as standard.

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