Inline Automatic Sleeve Sealers

Key Features
  • Heavy duty sealing jaw for consistently strong seals.
  • Height adjustable sealing jaw for improved speeds and efficiency.
  • Powered film feeds for speed and reliability.
  • Separate sealer and tunnel modular design for easy upgrades.
  • Pack clamp as standard which is vital for unstable packs.
  • Pack counters as standard to monitor production data.
  • Intuitive and easy to operate controls.
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Designed for faster speeds and larger packs

An Inline Automatic Sleeve Sealer is a type of heat sealing machine specially designed to wrap long packs, single packs and collations in trays at faster speeds.

For many applications you will have the choice of utilising either an inline sleeve sealer or a side feed sleeve sealer. In some cases, where a pack is suitable for either machine type, the actual layout of where the wrapping machine is to be sited can be the deciding factor. However, inline sleeve wrappers are designed for larger packs, where a side feed sleeve sealer would not be suitable, or for standard packs where speed is important. Simplicity is the key as no change parts are required.

An inline sealing machine is simpler in many ways as it consists of an infeed belt and outfeed belt with the curtain of shrink film between these two belts, but this works best for large packs. A faster speed can be achieved on an inline shrink wrapper, but trayless or very small packs cannot be wrapped on this machine, as they would not maintain their collation as they transferred from the infeed to outfeed conveyor.

Unique features

Our range of inline sleeve sealers are all provided with inverter driven, variable speed, conveyor belts. Not only is this feature extremely useful for regulating product flow through a production line or lining up another conveyor to feed the heat sealer, it is invaluable when shrink wrapping stacked collations and unstable packs. This is because the belts do not suddenly come to a dead stop and immediate start whilst sealing the plastic film. Instead they ‘ramp up’ and ‘ramp down’ with each seal cycle. Although this is barely detectable with the naked eye, it makes a huge difference with any product where packs are stacked on top of each other.

We offer inline automatic sleeve wrappers and shrink tunnels in a wide variety of widths to facilitate just about any sized product. We have specifically designed machinery to accommodate wide items for heat shrink sleeving.

Back up and support from YPS

We are proud to be unique within the industry for providing a service contract free of charge with every heat sealing machine supplied, offering you extra peace of mind.

Our Inline Automatic Sleeve Sealers in action...

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