Hugo Beck Servo X

Key Features
  • Industry leading continuous motion shrink wrapper from Hugo Beck.
  • Ergonomic, flexible and simple to use.
  • Wrapping capacities of 5,000, 8,000 or 10,000 cycles per hour.
  • Continuous, no stop and go for higher speeds.
  • Suitable to run PE, PO, PP and Bio films in centerfold or singlewound.
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High performance and precision…

The Servo X range is the mid range shrink wrapper from Hugo Beck with wrapping capacities of 5,000, 8,000 or 10,000 cycles per hour, depending upon the chosen model and application.

This machine has the ability to wrap a wide variety of products and is ergonomic, flexible and simple to use.

Unique features

Running at these speeds, feeding of the shrink wrapper is key. Ideally this product needs to be fed consistently but Hugo Beck appreciates this is not always possible in a production environment and so the machine has the ability to automatically compensate if there are unequal gaps in the feeding of the machine. This is critical to ensure smooth production at high speeds where many other machines would either produce an empty bag which can cause issues, or simply stop production altogether.

Hugo Beck manufacture heavy duty automatic feeding systems and conveyors designed to seamlessly integrate into the Servo X. This facilitates consistent production that allows the product to be automatically collated prior to the wrapping process in line.

Setup between different products is made as easy as possible with key parameters being stored in the programmable memory so consistency of production between differing products is always achieved.

However, if fine adjustments are required, these can be done whilst running, without the need for stopping the machine providing the ability to fine tune production for the optimum settings without losing production time.

If the Hugo Beck Servo X is stopped for any reason, it can resume from where it left off making it much more user friendly for operators. Many items are hinged such as the film trim winder and the electrical cabinets allowing much easier access to all working parts.

Reliability and quality

Designing and building a high speed shrink wrapping line is completely different to building a low speed wrapping line, for many reasons.

The quality and durability of the design and the component parts are critical. A high speed line has to be more reliable than a low speed line because down time is so much more important.

Hugo Beck only build high speed lines which is why they are recognised as world leaders in this field. Many manufacturers build a wide range of machines and in essence use low speed technology. Whilst this may be lower cost it is a false economy as with these low costs come compromises. Hugo Beck have always taken a ‘no compromise’ approach which is why they are trusted with some of the world’s fastest and most demanding applications.

If reliable speed is required, then there is only Hugo Beck.

Backup and support

Any downtime on a high speed line is magnified greatly compared to a low speed line and so for this reason backup and support – should it be needed – must be first class. With any issue the first step is diagnosis and so all Hugo Beck equipment has a built in router allowing YPS or the Hugo Beck team in Germany to dial directly into the machine and investigate the equipment remotely.

This can be done in minutes and allows in many instances the issue to be fixed remotely. Once diagnosis is complete, full on-site engineering support is provided to solve issues if required.

At YPS, we are the proud winners of the PPMA customer service award which recognised our investment in and commitment to technology for improved backup and support.

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