B-NAT Bio-Based PE Polyolefin Shrink Film

Key Features
  • Fully recyclable to LDPE level 4.
  • Formulated with a base of renewable, ethically-sourced surgarcane ethylene.
  • B-Nat® is developed to offer the most attractive shelf presentation and optic properties.
  • Its cohesion strength makes it a good candidate for multipacking applications.
  • The unique technical properties of B-Nat® ensure excellent results, from manual to automatic high speed machines.
  • Shortlisted for the 'Environmental Initiative of the Year' award at PPMA Industry Awards 2018.
  • Finalist for 'Plastic Product Of The Year' in the 'Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2019'.
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Improving the industry’s green credentials – a world first – the first ultra-thin packaging shrink film on a base of green polyethylene from YPS.

For those who are keen to undertake an environmentally friendly approach to their packaging process, we are proud to say that we’re the first UK suppliers of the bio-based PE shrink film (B-NAT®) which has been developed by Bollore. This ultra-thin film shrinks at the highest free shrink ratio of any film on the market for improved presentation and also seals and shrinks much faster and at considerably lower temperatures than any film currently available. This in itself has considerable environmental benefit as it delivers energy savings.

This specialist plant-based shrink film is ‘greener’ right from the resource stage through to manufacturing and beyond. B-NAT® film has a base that consists of more than 46% sugarcane ethanol. In sugar production, the sugarcane plant is subjected to five industrial squeezes. The first two squeezes produce pure sugar for human consumption and the following three squeezes produce a waste by-product that is unfit for consumption. It is this by-product, sugarcane ethanol, which is processed into the base of our B-NAT® shrink film. This ensures that the film has a minimal impact on the environment through a reduced dependency on finite fossil fuels, whilst being fully recyclable to level 4 LDPE, meaning it can be a legitimate part of any closed-loop supply chain model. All of the features and benefits you expect from petrochemical shrink films are still offered by B-NAT®.

B-NAT® polyolefin plastic wrap is considered by experts to be a major environmental breakthrough, not only for the shrink film industry but also for eco-packaging:

  • B-NAT® has a low impact on arable land, utilising only 0.02% of land for sugarcane production.
  • Cultivated over 1,200 miles away from any rainforest.
  • Based on a renewable resource that is ethically harvested.
  • Formulated from a product that would have otherwise gone to waste.
  • Has full OPRL approval to display clear and consistent recycling labels.
  • B-Nat® is available in a thickness of 15µm, flat or centrefolded.
  • Information on printed B-Nat® can be obtained on request.

Our B-NAT® film has been designed to cope with the ever-demanding applications of high-speed production and therefore is a perfect fit for our high-quality shrink wrapping machinery and complements the first-class backup and support which we offer.

Our BRC-certified warehouse enables us to store full food-contact approved polyolefin shrink films (specifically created for those who require modified atmosphere packaging) for fast delivery alongside a convenient call-off order system.

We have over 40 years experience in providing total shrink wrapping solutions, with a reputation for the highest standards of quality and after-care support. We pride ourselves on providing you only with the best quality shrink film to suit your application and its demands.

Our B-NAT shrink film in action...

White Rabbit Pizza Co Adopt Plant-Based Packaging For Plant-Based Pizzas!


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Fully Recyclable to LDPE Level 4

Sample Rolls Available For Trials

Fully BRC & Food Contact Approved

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