Stretch Wrap

Key Features
  • Stretch film range that offers the utmost protection for transit of your goods.
  • Fully recyclable to LDPE level 4.
  • British manufactured stretch wrap from a BRC certified site.
  • Available in a range of widths, microns and stretch ratios to suit any application.
  • Highest quality stretch film that offers the opportunity to downgauge in thickness, without compromising on strength, compared to competitor films on the market. This equates to a 20% saving in cost and volumes of plastic year on year.
  • Extensive stocks available for next day delivery across the UK.
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High quality stretch wrap

YPS offer premium quality stretch wrap films, all manufactured in the UK and available with next day delivery from stock or with a 2 day turn around for bespoke orders. A range of specifications are available to suit your exact requirements from which our film experts will be able to recommend the ideal solution for you. The film gauge, pre-stretch capability, puncture resistance and tear propagation are amongst the characteristics which we will consider as we come to understand your operation.

Stretch range and micron

We can supply a wide range of stretch to suit any application. We offer from stock 100%-400% stretch films to suit any requirement. These films are also available in many different thicknesses from 7 micron – 35 micron.

We strongly recommend that you receive a full site survey from our film experts to ensure the stretch you are currently receiving is correct for your application. Of course, if you are not stretching your pallet film to its maximum potential, this is causing waste.  Following our surveys we often we find that we are able to reduce film usage by around 20%. Furthermore, an incorrect stretch ratio can also cause loose loads in transit which can create issues with reject pallets or damaged goods during delivery. Our expert’s examination will ensure that your wrap performs as it should to protect your pallets during transportation. At YPS, we often find that through improving the quality of your film we can reduce the micron required, helping to make your process far more cost-effective with more metres offered per roll and less film used per year.

Cast stretch films

70-80% of our stretch wrap films are comprised of ‘Cast’ films. These films are produced through a linear die and ooze out onto large diameter chilling rollers. Depending on the original thickness of extrusion, sometimes the film is thinned to the target gauge by winding the resulting film faster than it is extruded. This is a horizontal process.

Cast films key benefits include:

  • clearer and shinier on a load
  • quieter unwind
  • resist tear propagation

Blown stretch films

At YPS, we can also offer ‘Blown’ stretch films. Blown film is created as the thick layer of extruded film emerges from a circular die and a large bubble of air is blown inside. The volume of the bubble and the original diameter and thickness of the extruded tube determine the ultimate thickness of the material. The vertical bubble, which may be many feet tall, allows the film to cool gradually as it is pulled up by rollers which collapse the bubble and control the thin, flat tube of film as it is wound.

Blown films key features include:

  • very resistant to puncture
  • higher levels of “cling”
  • noisier unwind

Site survey and support

All of our stretch film solutions are backed up with our professional support. This includes site survey visits where we visit your warehouse or factory and look at your current process before recommending any potential changes. Our advice will ensure that your pallet film will not only secure your loads better, but save you film and therefore money over the year.

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