We have installed a side feed sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel into the Pocklington-based factory of LMA.

LMA are the foremost supplier of aerosol products to the UK; formulating, designing, filling and manufacturing aerosols for a diverse range of sectors including the veterinary, automotive, janitorial and industrial industries. As a family business with more than 30 years experience, LMA pride themselves on their exceptional service and quality. When their packaging operation needed updating, they sought a supplier who also offered premium service and quality.

LMA’s packaging operation consisted of various trayed collations of aerosols being manually packaged in cardboard boxes. Increasingly however, LMA were finding that many of their customers were demanding that the finished aerosols were shrink wrapped and so turned to us for the solution.

A new shrink wrapping line, consisting of a side feed sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel was supplied by us in April 2018. The equipment was upgraded in a number of ways to account for the specialised requirements in this sector, of which we have expert knowledge and experience. A pneumatic air motor was added to evacuate the tunnel in the event of a power cut, counting in and counting out of product was incorporated and low voltage electrics were installed. All machinery specifications were greatly over and above the BAMA regulations.

The introduction of shrink wrapping has been highly successful for LMA. The reliability offered by the fully compliant shrink wrapping equipment means that the company can now expand their offering to their customers and as a result have already won additional contracts. The packaging on their aerosols is now tamper-evident, waterproof and compact.

Brian Martin, commercial manager at LMA reflected:

We were so impressed with YPS’s technical competence and knowledge in providing a BAMA compliant solution for packaging our aerosols. We would recommend them to any company with specialist requirements to consider.

Our managing director Glyn Johnson added:

It was a pleasure to work with a fellow Yorkshire-based family business. I am very pleased that LMA are seeing impressive returns on their investment by being able to win more business through shrink wrapping.

LMA's Benefits at a glance

won new business


tamper evidence

waterproof packs

improved safety

improved reliability

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