Shrink Wrapping Success For Faith In Nature

Faith in Nature have undertaken a significant expansion project as the popularity of their personal care products has grown rapidly in recent years. In order to keep up with this rising demand, two of our fully automatic side feed sleeve wrappers and shrink tunnels have been supplied to their Manchester factory to vastly improve the businesses' packaging capacity.

The Faith In Nature brand is synonymous with ethical, vegan, natural and cruelty-free beauty. Established in 1974, the company have been championing the cause of kind-to-the-planet, kind-to-skin products since well before the trend for greener living was underway. To build on these core principles, Faith In Nature were keen to ensure that any solution would also reduce excess packaging where possible, as well as meet the need for increased volume.

To achieve the project's goals. our experts recommended our side feed sleeving lines due to their flexibility. Designed to handle almost any collation, the system allows a range of customer requirements to be fulfilled without change parts, all on one multi-functional unit. And since the firm's product range includes bottles of haircare, soaps, body lotions, body washes and even washing up liquid, the machinery needed to cater for a variety of shapes and sizes. As such, we modified the sealer accordingly to accommodate any bottle height or configuration, as well as to cope with both trayed and trayless packs. To deliver further adaptability, It was also critical that the infeed design was correct in order to handle the flow of these varied products and so a lot of trials took place to ensure this was perfect. Furthermore. the infeed belts on both sealers were upgraded with extended conveyors in order to integrate them seamlessly into Faith In Nature's existing production lines.

As a result of their investment, Faith in Nature have been able to substantially increase packing speeds across all products, now achieving over 70 wrapped bottles per minute on each line, regardless of size. They have also significantly reduced the volume of secondary packaging used by eliminating some of their cardboard trays and have reduced long-term labour costs when compared to the manual wrapping operation that was in place previously. So pleased are the firm that they are now looking to add a third sleeve sealer to the factory to integrate with a new filling machine.

David Ditchfield, general manager at Faith In Nature said:

The installation went extremely smoothly and we are now reaping the benefits.

Faith In Nature's Benefits at a glance

increased speed

reduce secondary packaging


eco-friendly packaging

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