YPS Launch A Trio Of E-Commerce Packaging Machines

Here at Yorkshire Packaging we are no strangers to the demands of the e-commerce sector and their busy warehouses. Indeed we are long-term suppliers of some of the biggest names in the online retail and e-logistics worlds! With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new ‘E’ range, a trio of of high-tech, high speed wrappers that are designed to streamline production and offer enhanced flexibility for e-commerce applications.



In conjunction with German packaging automation specialists Hugo Beck and labelling experts Logopak, we have unveiled the Flexo E-COM and the Flexo E-SENSE, both of which are designed to combine bagging with print and apply labelling solutions in single units. Unlike many competitor models on the market, the E-COM and E-SENSE provide impeccable data security and ensure 100% GDPR compliance.  This is achieved by processing strictly one piece of customer data at a time, which is then deleted upon successful application of each label to it’s corresponding newly bagged item.

The E-COM is ideally suited to a production line of identical pack sizes where there is a universal bag width, for example in catalogue mailing applications. The pack size settings are 100% modifiable but this requires a simple programme adjustment between each different product width. Alternatively, for those e-retailers handling large volumes of diverse products, the E-SENSE offers an extra degree of flexibility by catering to a variety of differing product widths within one production batch. An intelligent robotic arm is utilised to detect each individual bag width before cutting them to size and sealing.


The Paper-X

Completing our new ‘E’ range is the revolutionary Paper-X from Hugo Beck, a multi-functional hybrid wrapper that offers the opportunity to package products in both paper and plastic flexibles. This is ideal for warehouses that fulfil many different contracts because it allows them to meet the demands of all their end-users through the use of a single machine without additional hardware. An easy changeover of parts that is comfortably completed in less than 30 minutes is all that is required to switch between materials. Brown or white papers, in coated or uncoated variations are accepted, with thicknesses of up to 120 g/m2. This equipment is therefore ideal for mailing contracts in particular, such as magazines, brochures and advertising materials which are often distributed inside paper packaging. YPS can supply any specification of papers you need from our warehouse, which are all fully recyclable. Whilst running these paper materials, the Paper-X sealer achieves impressive speeds of up to 10,000 packs per hour.

When it comes to plastic packaging, an array of different plastic  types are compatible with the Paper-X, including PO, PE, PP, biofilms, ultra-thin films and 30%+ recycled content films, all of which are available from YPS. Running plastic, the Paper X is perfect for the fulfilment of e-commerce applications like apparel, magazines and general mail-order items which tend to require more durability than paper can offer. Production speeds of up to 15,000 packs per hour can be achieved with plastic consumables. Whether you choose paper, plastic or both, tailored printed variations can be supplied for increased branding or to display your mailing instructions.

We are pleased to confirm that each machine in our new ‘E’ range boasts remote diagnostic support to keep your production fine-tuned at all times and of course a comprehensive service contract comes as standard, offering you leading support from our award-winning engineering team.

If you’d like more information on how we can improve your e-retail packaging, you can enquire by completing our contact form here.

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