Unique LIDTEC ultra-thin lidding film proves a Heck of a choice

Small batch sausage and burger producer, Heck sausages, selected ultra-thin lidding film LIDTEC SOFT 200, supplied by Yorkshire Packaging Systems (YPS), to protect their newest product, Sausage Rashers.

The gluten free sausage rasher product is on sale from Heck’s website and was made available in Sainsburys supermarkets from the 1st May.  The rashers are supplied as a trayed product, sealed with lidding film and enclosed with a cardboard sleeve.

“The LIDTEC film is unique in combining so many desirable characteristics for food producers in one material,” explained YPS MD, Glyn Johnson.  “It delivers excellent, high-gloss optics every time as it’s so easy to work with in the production process.”

The properties of LIDTEC include:

  • Extended shelf-life to products under MAP conditions, as it is a high-barrier (EVOH) solution.

  • Excellent optics courtesy of its anti-fog properties and the ‘tight as a drum’ seal achieved from the reduced thickness of the film - just 25 µm. 

  • Leak-proof barrier against contamination, achieving a secure seal to trays with PE or PP sealant or via a ring of glue.

  • Enhanced vertical shelf appeal as its unique properties allow packers to reduce tray weights significantly and allow product protrusion.

 Three levels of shrinkage are available, preventing tray distortion during the shrink wrap process.

LIDTEC offers a wide operating window on most types of equipment, so it’s an excellent option in many production facilities. 

“We think the result for Heck Sausages looks great and we can’t wait to try them!,”  commented Johnson.

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