YPS Has It Bagged!

Shrink Wrapped Bakery Items

For almost 40 years we have been supplying a number of our SLAU 50×50 fully automatic L sealers into the bakery industry for wrapping a variety of bakery products.

Over the years we have found that most bakeries utilise at least manual and semi automatic L sealers for bagging their products, but if the volumes are high then this can become very slow and labour intensive and this is where an automated packaging system really shows its true value.

Our SLAU 50×50 Automatic L Sealer is capable of accepting 25-30 packs per minute depending upon product size and collation desired, automatically shrink wrapping them in a high clarity polyolefin shrink film and simply works on demand so all the operator has to do is place the product on the infeed conveyor and the machine does the rest.

The advantage that this type of equipment has over a flow wrapper is the flexibility and easy changes between different product that it offers because no change parts are required whatsoever which can be an expensive issue with flow wrappers. This means that it can literally take 30 seconds to switch between different products using our Automatic L Sealer. Furthermore, depending upon the exact product, the option of shrinking the pack is also provided.

Most applications, such as bagging bread rolls, do not require the use of a shrink tunnel, but a recent installation we completed at a London bagel manufacturer did require a high quality shrink finish to a tray of speciality bagels for the retail trade.