YPS Go Green With Sustainable Film

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We are excited to announce that we have unveiled our new, sustainable Bollore ‘B-Nat’ bio-based shrink film to the packaging industry.

We have decided to begin offering this unique, specialist film to meet the demands of an increasingly environmentally-conscious market.

This ground-breaking film consists of a polyethylene produced from sugarcane ethanol. As well as sugarcane’s superior water efficiency, the film also captures more Co2 in its lifetime than its soybean and corn counterparts. Its cultivation does not occur on arable land, meaning it doesn’t interfere or impact food production areas. Like all of our shrink film range, B-NAT is 100% recyclable to LDPE 04.

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Green alternatives sometimes incur an efficiency penalty – this is not the case with our B-Nat shrink film. This film offers enhanced aesthetics and optics for enhanced shelf-attractiveness, with no compromise on cohesion strength for multi-packing applications. Whether on a manual or high-speed machine, there is no disparity as compared to more standard, less-green counterparts.

The film is available in flat or centre-folded in multiple widths and varying thicknesses. There is also the option for a printed variation.

Call today to trial our bio-based B-NAT shrink film!