Why Packaging Is More Significant For Black Friday 2020 Than Ever Before

UK retailers have been splashing deals across websites, adverts and inboxes for weeks in preparation for the shopping extravaganza ‘Black Friday’, which has become an almost cult event in the festive calendar over recent years. However, approaching this year’s Black Friday, anticipation has crescendoed into an almost palpable frenzy. The lingering spectre of COVID-19 has loaded this date with the last-ditch hopes and fears of many struggling brands, desperate to claw back some missed revenue from seasons under lockdown and capitalise on the flurry of Christmas consumption. Prices have been rolled back further than ever before and sales have started earlier than in previous years as online retailers look to shift stock in bulk.

Couple this increased temptation to buy with a population of bored housebound Brits and its easy to see that Black Friday 2020 has the potential to be a highlight for retailers in what has been for most a dire year. With many bricks and mortar stores still closed and a public that are hesitant to leave their homes unnecessarily, the world wide web is sure to dominate the Christmas shopping domain. A captive audience of scrolling shoppers will be swarming to e-commerce sites this Black Friday to tick off their wish lists safely and remotely. With the coffers of many households boosted by a lack of foreign holidays and recreational days out, many will be looking to treat themselves and those they love with a ‘blow-out’ this year. Black Friday 2020 is therefore set to be a significant date for the e-commerce sector. In fact, official predictions by the Centre for Retail Research estimates online spending over this Black Friday weekend at £5.75 billion – up by 53% on the £3.77 billion spent last year.

A key consideration for online purveyors of any product is packaging. It must be substantial enough to withstand a carrier network, be accurately labelled, water-resistant, tamper-evident and increasingly ‘green’. It must also be fast to apply, in order to meet ever-increasing demands and economically worthwhile to protect profits. Brands that have not considered all of these aspects will suffer the consequences of customer dissatisfaction, high levels of returns or a backlog of orders.

E-retailers with packaging equipment from YPS will be well equipped to cope with all that Black Friday brings this year. Our e-commerce dedicated machinery ranges from entry-level, table-top polybaggers, delivering ease and efficiency with thermal transfer ink-jet labelling, through to sophisticated and intuitive high-speed, German-engineered, print and apply labelling and bagging systems, that work with both paper and film. Our collection of compatible packaging materials includes fully recyclable recycled-content plastics and recyclable papers either with sewn or glued seams that equate to minute costs per pack. Impressive speeds are offered by all models, integration of GDPR compliant data banks comes as standard and your customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you’re an e-retailer, don’t let your packaging let you down this Black Friday – it could be more significant than you ever suspected.

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