Rise In Use Of Dairy Shrink Wrappers

Dairy Shrink Wrappers

We have certainly seen an uplift in activity in the milk sector in the past few months with no fewer than five of our dairy shrink wrappers being supplied in the last half of the year, breaking a new company record!

These dairy wrappers focus on flexibility more than out-and-out speed even though our flagship model will accept and collate 200 bottles per minute. At this speed, the machinery covers around 80% of the dairy market requirements where a number of different formats are needed on smaller runs than super dairies and so change-over times can be important.

What has caused this surge? Well, it was kick started in 2013, when the milk wrapping giant Dairy Crest pulled out of a number of milk contracts. These have in turn been picked up by a number of independent dairies where the range of dairy shrink wrappers is ideal as their needs require more flexibility and quicker change-over times on shorter runs compared to the likes of Dairy Crest.

This trend looks to continue as super dairies focus on longer runs and larger contracts and relinquish the smaller contracts which they struggle to service profitably where the independent sector can do a much better job. This is a big opportunity for Yorkshire Packaging and one that we are excited to tackle! Stay tuned for further exciting dairy shrink wrapping news!