Introducing Biodegradable Shrink Films!

Say hello to the worlds’ first fully oxo-biodegradable polyolefin shrink film from the leading manufacturer Bollore.

Bolphane BYO is a fully oxo-biodegradable polyolefin shrink film was first unveiled to the world at this year’s INTERPACK exhibition in Düsseldorf and so this is another innovative, revolution in shrink film that we have now been able to launch into the UK market, with initial interest being extremely high.

The film is based on Bollore’s best selling BY grade of polyolefin shrink film which has some unique performance characteristics. This film shrinks at the highest free shrink ratio of any film available for improved presentation and also seals and shrinks much faster and at considerably lower temperatures than any film currently available. This in itself has considerable environmental benefits.

As some firms neglect the importance of recycling or disposing of their film in an environmentally friendly way, thousands of tonnes of polyolefin shrink film can end up being disposed of in landfill every year and so the BYO film is an answer to this problem. It works through a process of oxidation which enables the film to disintegrate into components which are then ‘bio-assimilated’ by soil micro-organisms meaning that the film will completely bio-degrade in under 36 months. This is a huge improvement on the degrading time of over three hundred years for conventional polyolefin shrink films.

Another benefit of the BYO film is that it is completely recyclable and so this important avenue is not lost by changing to BYO film. Despite an increase in attitude shift towards recycling, statistics still show that the a high level of polyolefin shrink film still ends its life cycle in land fill and so this film is a revolution as the first polyolefin material in the world to address this issue.

The film is available in a variety of sizes to trial immediately.

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