Industry Spotlight: YPS Wrap It Up For Drinks Bottlers

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Because of the ever-tightening margins in the drinks sector, focus is turning in 2017 to the retail supply chain – in particular, wrapping. Luckily, the efficiencies offered by shrink wrapping are considerable: when wrapping in high volume, costs are still comparably low. With the upcoming sugar tax and general economic and political uncertainty, YPS has been developing and refining our services to accommodate the pressures that come with wrapping for the drinks sector.

With the low margins that characterise the industry, having quality back-up support is invaluable; the premium placed on post-installation support is something YPS has heard from a variety of customers across the drinks industry. In addition, for many, sourcing spare parts for current machinery is becoming increasingly elusive and expensive. Our commitment to aftercare in the form of a service contract guarantees fixes, support and spare parts will not come at the price of an arm and a leg.

Problems locating spare parts and paying excessively for support were true for Caledonian Bottlers, well-known for the alcopop drink, WKD. The Cumnock-based bottlers benefitted from our Inline Sleeve Sealer and Double Chamber Shrink Tunnel. As well as an impressive maximum speed of 26 packs-per-minute, Caledonian Bottlers took advantage of the customisation that we could offer. The new machinery was tailored and easily integrated into their existing production line, meaning the line was up and running within a day – essential considering the steep efficiency penalty incurred by any down-time.

When the sugar tax potentially further tightens these margins, the value of flexibility and customisation when choosing wrapping machinery is hard to overstate. Through its work with a variety of dairies, we adapted some of our machinery to provide a much sought-after bespoke solution. Due to the niche demands created by the industry’s wet working environments, our stainless steel, low voltage shrink wrapping machines have proven a huge success. Jersey Dairy’s fully automatic inline sleeve wrapper was customised to full dairy specification, designed with space-efficiency in mind. As well as championing the twin-lane infeed, our range’s ability to wrap either with or without a tray makes it an instant win for many drink bottlers.

Glyn Johnson, Managing Director of YPS, said: ‘We’re acutely aware of the stresses and strains of our customers, which is why we’re proud of the work we’ve done for a variety of clients involved in the drinks industry. By providing high-quality technology, customisation and aftercare in the face of political and economic uncertainty, we look forward to keeping them on-board. We’d also hope to hear from any other drinks manufacturers out there who are in search of a cost-effective, high-quality and reliable wrapping solution.’