5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Consider your current ‘goods out’ arrangements; are you manually wrapping up your pallets in stretch film by hand? Could there an easier and more effective way?

At YPS we are well known for our best-in-class shrink wrapping solutions. However, we understand that a lot of our customers also need an end-of-line packaging solution for their newly shrink wrapped products in order to get the goods safely and securely out into the carrier network. With this in mind, we also offer a range of reliable and robust stretch wrapping machines and stretch wrap films, meaning that YPS is the only supplier you should consider for wrapping solutions.


So here’s 5 reasons why it stacks up to invest in a stretch wrapping machine:

  • Significant reductions in film usage and cost. The machinery is able to exert a greater stretch capacity from the stretch film than a person handling it manually, whilst maintaining its integrity. This allows you to achieve more wrapped pallets per each roll of stretch film used. In fact, stretch films from YPS have a stretch ratio of up to 400% versus standard hand wrap films which can be far less. Using markedly less film in this way equates to a vast saving on costs as you purchase less rolls.
  • Prevents damage, enhances protection. Stretch wrapping machines are an easy and convenient way to wrap your pallets very securely, binding the load together beneath a watertight layer of film and preventing movement of your goods during transportation, which can cause damage.
  • Total consistency and no human error. Yes, you could carry on manually wrapping your pallets, but how do you know for certain every inch of them has been wrapped? Or whether an excessive and wasteful amount of film was applied to some or all of them? Whether the pallets were wrapped tightly enough to stop them shifting? Instead of hoping for the best, you could power up your stretch wrapping machine and take the guesswork out of your process.
  • Removes health and safety risks. Pallet wrapping machines completely eliminate the physical risks posed to your workforce from wrapping by hand. Bending, lifting, repetitive movements, tripping over excess film or slipping when walking backwards around a pallet; these are all hazards that are out of your control when you don’t have an automated solution in place. Relax and let the stretch wrapping machinery take on the labour at the touch of a button.
  • Speed. Your operator sets the desired speed and the wrapper gets straight to work. Your pallets can be wrapped in a matter of seconds whilst manual wrapping can be very time-consuming.


And here’s why you should choose YPS as your stretch wrapping supplier:

  • World-leading product range. Our stretch wrapping machinery can be suited exactly to your requirements and is available in many differing specifications including semi-automatic, fully automatic, with stainless steel freezer proof technology, with or without ramps and with a range of film carriage types. Each machine is crafted by a world-leading manufacturer with whom YPS partner. Representing both the Italian producer Mimi and UK-based Robopac, our equipment boasts superior build quality, a raft of impressive features as standard and intuitive touch controls guaranteed.
  • Full wrapping audit offered. To ensure your wrapping operation is tailored exactly to your needs, our stretch wrapping experts are happy to conduct a full and thorough investigation into your current set-up. This involves a survey of your stretch ratio and micron requirements, wastage, operator capacity and warehouse layout and footprint, as well as the carrying out of dedicated trials with your products. You can therefore be confident that the pallet wrapping solution supplied by YPS ticks (and wraps!) all your boxes!
  • Fully recyclable stretch film. Our entire range of film is fully recyclable to LDPE 04, ensuring you will meet WRAP’s full circle economy guidelines. The option of installing an on-site baling machine from YPS at no cost is available too, in order to conveniently collect waste film for recycling purposes. Samples of our recyclable films are available to trial immediately.
  • Low maintenance. The design of the machinery range lends itself to a no-fuss approach, incorporating automatic top film roll change-overs, centralised lubrication points and the ability to pre-programme and retain wrapping configurations. Each piece of stretch wrapping equipment from YPS is supported with a comprehensive service contract and warranty, keeping you up and running and in peak condition. Our team of SafeContractor engineers come highly recommended and will be your dedicated point of contact for technical issues, including at weekends.


Are you still not convinced that our stretch wrapping machinery could radically improve your despatch process? Put us to the test and arrange a no-obligation site visit from our experts today! Enquire Now.

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