5 Of The Most Surprising Uses For Shrink Wrapping

Crossbow Shrink Wrapped

At YPS we have always argued that shrink wrapping is a versatile packaging method that can be used to wrap almost anything. We decided to revisit some of the more memorable items we’ve shrink wrapped that might just surprise you!


Exam Papers


exam papers wrapped


Apologies to students everywhere – shrink wrapping is one of the main ways exam boards ensure your papers reach you securely, safely and in pristine condition on the big day! With its tamper-evident properties, our shrink wrap is a brilliant way of making sure the upcoming questions have not been leaked prior to the test.




Bicycle shrink wrapped


With its protruding pedals and handlebars you’d be forgiven for thinking a push bike was not a great candidate for shrink wrapping. Yet our crosslinked shrink films can deliver high puncture resistance capable of wrapping any oddly-shaped or sharp products!





money shrink wrapped


Shrink film is a perfect way for banks, minting factories and treasuries to wrap legal tender in its various forms; whether in bricks, folds or flats. Shrink wrapping offers a high level of security to notes of currency because it is tamper evident and waterproof. Lottery tickets and scratch cards are also amongst the highly sensitive applications we have provided wrapping solutions for.





Toilet Shrink Wrapped


This customer didn’t want to let their packaging go down the pan! A wide sleeve wrapping system suited their needs perfectly to ensure their loos reached bathrooms across the UK in pristine condition.





Crossbow Shrink Wrapped


Yes….really! Our puncture resistant films are no match for even the sharpest of objects!



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