Fully Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Whatever your application, our collection of fully automatic pallet wrapping machinery from TOSA is equipped to meet your needs, as well as industry regulations. Our fully auto pallet wrappers are comprised of turntable, rotating arm and rotating ring models which can all be offered in manual loading or conveyor driven variations to fit your exact requirements. A choice of speeds, configurations, film carriages, loading ramps and wrapping cycles including standard, dust-proof and water-proof are also available. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone machine or a more integrated system, we can help.

Peruse our fully automatic stretch wrapping machinery range below or call our friendly packaging experts today to discuss your requirements.

Key Features

  • Fully automatic pallet wrapping systems, either standalone or integrated.
  • Accepts any pallet width (including Euro and CHEPS).
  • Impressive stretch capacity with some models up to 400%.
  • Intuitive touch screen systems for absolute control with ease.
  • Low maintenance design and build. 
  • Pre-programme and retain your wrapping configurations.
  • Film roping, film tensioning and film pre-stretch settings.
  • Film carriage safety stop supplied as standard.
  • High speed performance with dual rotation options available.
  • Automated infeed and outfeed process as standard.
  • Compatible with all fully recyclable YPS stretch films.  
  • Full expert site audit offered to streamline your operation. 

TOSA: the premium choice in stretch wrapping solutions

YPS are proud to be UK agents for the prestigious stretch wrapping machinery manufacturer TOSA. The TOSA brand is known for excellence, expertise and exceptional quality whilst their equipment is recognised for efficiency, speed and flexibility. This is why the Italian manufacturer is our only partner of choice for fully automatic pallet wrapping systems.   

Yorkshire Packaging Systems complement TOSA’s outstanding systems with our SafeContractor approved back up and support, the inclusion of a comprehensive service contract, extensive warranties and the supply of high quality, fully recyclable stretch films. 

Rotating ring vs rotating arm

Both pallet wrapping systems are ideal for unstable or heavy loads because the pallets remain stationary whilst stretch film is applied, however there are some subtle differences between these two types.

The rotating arm machines use a cantilevered appendage with a mounted film holder to move around the perimeter of the pallet whilst dispensing and applying pallet wrap. 

The rotating ring machines, by contrast, feature a fixed circuit which sits above the stationery pallet and around which the stretch film dispenser tracks, wrapping the load as it encircles it. Rotary ring wrappers are better suited to very high speed applications. 

Impressive speeds

Our stretch wrapping machinery will wrap your pallets in mere seconds to a very professional standard. Machines in our fully automatic range boast top speeds of 160 pallets per hour, ideal for high volume applications. 

Low maintenance

Our fully automatic stretch wrapping machines are designed to follow a simple principle; high performance – low maintenance. Whilst ensuring sustainability, safety and cleanliness, each machine guarantees minimal maintenance in the following ways:

  • Sliding devices with direct motorisation
  • Lifting group, pre-lubricated for life
  • Toothed belts, lubrication free
  • Cable channel and identification of components and cables
  • Centralised lubrication points

The fully automatic range also features interfaces that advise when routine maintenance is due which takes the guesswork out of your planning. The machine constantly monitors the engines, belts and pre-stretch carriages and alerts the operator to any issue that may require attention. This smart troubleshooting interface will then guide the user clearly through the resolution of any malfunction. Machine maintenance couldn’t be any simpler. 

A selection of wrapping cycles

Our fully automatic pallet wrapping machines offer many wrapping cycles across the range. These include:

Standard: This cycle wraps just the four outward-facing sides of the pallet with stretch film. 

Dust-proof: Using an integrated or separate top sheet dispenser, the stretch wrapper places a polyethylene film sheet on top of the pallet and then wraps it with stretch film. This ensures the palletised load is completely covered and therefore protected from dust and dirt. Ideal for applications where pallets may remain in storage for some time before being unloaded. 

Water-proof: Uses an integrated top-sheet dispenser. The pallet is wrapped with a first layer of film, then a polyethylene film sheet is placed on the top of this pallet and finally, the pallet is wrapped with a second stretch film layer. This completely protects the pallets from not only dust and dirt but also the ingress of humidity and rain, leaving them safe to be stored in an outside environment. 

Back up and support

Our entire range of stretch pallet wrappers is supported by our award winning after-sales support, including 3 years parts warranty and 2 years labour warranty as standard.

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