Atmosfera Breathable Stretch Film

Key Features
  • Fully recyclable to LDPE level 4.
  • Breathable, macro perforated stretch film.
  • Designed for products that require ventilation or have moisture issues.
  • Ideal for the food and horticultural markets.
  • Can be used in manual or automatic pallet wrapping operations.
  • High tear propogation for simple unpacking.
  • Achieves impressive stability for palletised goods.
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Atmosfera by CROCCO is the leading name in breathable stretch film, designed for wrapping products that require airflow during transit. With large perforations across the surface of the film, Atmosfera allows air to infiltrate and circulate around the goods even when tightly bound by multiple layers.

Perfect for perishable food items especially, the application of Atmosfera prevents the build-up of rust, mildew, condensation or bacteria within palletised foodstuffs in a way that totally enclosed wrapped pallets cannot. Atmosfera is also a great choice for applications involving live plants or flowers that could wilt or die if ventilation is not maintained during transportation. Despite its macro perforated construction, Atmosfera maintains the cling and strength that you expect from traditional stretch wrap in order to adequately protect the shipment within. Atmosfera provides great stability to any packed products.

Available in varying specifications to suit hand and automatic wrapping operations, as well as in varying widths, thicknesses and in standard or pre-stretched type. Unpacking of goods is extremely easy due to the high tear propagation of the film.

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Fully Recyclable To LDPE Level 4

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