Side Feed Automatic Sleeve Sealers

Key Features
  • Designed to provide the flexibility to shrink wrap trayed and trayless packs.
  • Designed to work on demand and so can be fed either by an operator or directly from another conveyor.
  • Built in backup sensor and specially located dividing plate.
  • Optional full BAMA aerosol compliance.
  • Available with high speed dual lane feeding system.
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Complete flexibility

Our Side Feed Automatic Sleeve Sealers are shrink wrapping machines that are designed to provide the flexibility to shrink wrap both trayed and trayless packs.

This type of heat sealer is designed to work on demand and so can be fed either by an operator or directly from another conveyor. As the products are physically pushed through though the shrink wrap, these machines can also take products and collate them into a variety of trayless multipack collations providing complete flexibility.

Unique features

Our range of side feed automatic sleeve sealers are all supplied with heavy duty modular ‘SNB’ infeed belts which are far tougher than standard polyurethane belts. This is important on a side feed sealing machine because every pack is being pushed off the belt at 90 degrees to the direction of travel. Over time, a standard polyurethane belt can begin to track off, however with the upgraded SNB modular belt this is impossible due to the high slip nature of the belt and upgraded bearings.

The heat sealer has a built in backup sensor and specially located dividing plate between the infeed conveyor and the sealing jaw which allows most trayless packs to be shrink wrapped with ease.

Safety guaranteed

Another feature important to highlight is that at the end of the infeed belt where the pusher plate pushes the product into the plastic film, there is a spring loaded safety plate on the infeed guide. This is designed to prevent any damage to the heat sealing machine or packs if for any reason they should jam up or inter-lock due to incorrect set up, providing a fail safe situation.

Normally, if the pusher plate is narrower than the pack it is pushing then it can never affect the preceding pack. However, if an operator was to change to a smaller pack without making the required change to the pusher plate then the pusher might try to push two packs through the heat shrink film. In this instance the pusher would normally then attempt to crush the preceding pack against the guide rail.

The spring loaded safety plate would prevent this eventuality. If the pusher plate attempted to push two packs, the preceding pack would be pushed into this plate which would then shut the sealing machine down ensuring no damage to the machine guide or pack. Very few heat shrink sleeving machines on the market have this invaluable feature.

Back up and support from YPS

We are proud to be unique within the industry for providing a service contract free of charge with every heat sealing machine supplied, offering you extra peace of mind.

Our Side Feed Sleeve Sealers in action....

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