L Sealers

When working on retail packaging, we understand that it is vital that the product looks attractive to consumers, and is capable of standing out from its competitors. Our range of L sealers produce a high quality shrink wrap, ideal for wrapping retail or multi-packs where the presentation of the product is critical. All of our L-sealer machines are designed to provide the best results from polyolefin shrink film.

Ideal Applications

  • Confectionery Packaging
  • Retail Packaging
  • Gift Packaging
  • Cosmetic Packaging
  • Bespoke Packaging

Key Features

  • Designed to run both polyolefin and polythene shrink films.
  • Provides complete heat shrink enclosure for improved aesthetics.
  • Designed to provide excellent heat shrink presentation.
  • Can also deliver simple bagging solutions.
  • Simple and easy to use control systems.