BSP ‘Second Skin’ Effect Polyolefin Shrink Film

BSP ‘Second Skin’ Effect Polyolefin Shrink Film

Our BSP shrink plastic is a micro-perforated polyolefin heat shrink film that delivers optimum gaseous exchange and excellent machinability and is designed for food and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). BSP film is especially suited to run on flowpack wrapping machinery.

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tech specs

fully recyclable

To LDPE level 4. Fully BRC and food-contact approved.

Low temperature resistance

Suitable for for frozen foods.

Incredible shrinkage

For a “second-skin” appearance.

Compatible machinery

Achieves optimised shrinking on flowpack machines.

Fully food-contact approved

With BRC accreditaton.


Available in thicknesses of 13mu, 15mu and 19mu and in centre-folded and single wound variations.


presentation & preservation

The reinforced sealing properties of Bollore’s BSP film provides ease of operation for heat-sealing machine use. Its high shrink characteristics optimize the packaging presentation of irregular-shaped products and provide complete adherence to the surface of food, thus creating a unique ‘second skin’ effect. This exceptional appearance is unrivalled by other competing films.

Our BSP heat shrink film is compatible with both frozen and fresh food products that do not require an anti-fog function, such as meat, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables. Its outstanding strength and resistance at low temperatures make Bolfresh® BSP the ideal film for the packing of frozen foods, especially to avoid “freezer-burn”.

optimised for flowpack

Bolfresh® BSP film was especially designed for flowpack-type wrapping machines. Reinforced sealing and high shrink properties allow for maximum machine efficiencies and ease of operation.



frozen foods



food specialists

leaders of the pack

When taking into consideration Bollore’s worldwide reputation for reliability and quality and the outstanding BRC-approved service offered by YPS, you can have complete confidence in our Bolfresh® shrink film products. We are proud to say that all of our polyolefin shrink films offer eco-friendly packaging benefits due to their thermal stability and non-corrosive formulation and are designed to give best-in-class presentation due to their high clarity and quality. These films are also complete with optimised shrinkage properties, which offers absolute consistency and reliability whilst providing maximum yield.

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