Flexo 500 E-COM

Flexo 500 E-COM

A unique and highly reliable form, fill and seal machine that is easily adaptable and provides unrivalled programmable memory and fast diagnostics!

Like its larger 700mm counterpart, the Flexo 500 E-COM is a revolutionary and industry-leading turnkey solution for the e-commerce sector. With a direct apply for the address label, the Flexo 500 E-COM optimises production lines and reduces labour costs. Intuitive and easy to use, this all-in-one system comprises a built-in labelling system from Vulcan to provide faultless data management that enables a more efficient process.

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tech specs

Labelling solution

Innovative high-speed e-commerce print-and-apply labelling solution with approval checking system from Vulcan that guarantees 100% GDPR compliance.

Automatic bag length adjustment

The machine adapts the bag length automatically to match the product’s length. The unit has a passing height of 300mm and a passing width of 680mm as standard.

Tight bag packaging

Forms tight-fitting bags for waste reduction and promotes the lowest material use possible for an all-round sustainable bagging operation.


Compatible with all fully recyclable centre-folded films (LDPE 04) up to 100mm thicknesses as well as biofilms and recycled content films up to 70%.

Value-adding features

Optional easy-opening bag perforations as well as the addition of double-sided adhesive tap for convenient bag resealing.


Can bag up to 1500 cycles per hour.

Key Features

The Flexo 500 E-COM can BAG




boxed products

retail packs




Using revolutionary Intelligent Motion™ technology, the system’s in-built print-and-apply labelling system from Vulcan handles data immaculately. With precise automatic control of components, the unit minimises labour costs and removes 80% of wear parts that can incur the most downtime and expense. 

No matter the spacing, the Flexo 500 E-com never misses a pack. It’s fast, too - the solid-state printhead mechanism prints three times faster than traditional applicators on the market, without the need for compressed air. Its intuitive operating system is simple to use, with a clear web path that facilitates label and ribbon changeover in under a minute. For rapid ROI, Vulcan labelling systems are truly your accurate, precise e-com companion.


You get full peace of mind with this precision-perfect solution. With a retrieve-and-destroy system that only works with one piece of data at a time, it offers the utmost security, compliance, and accuracy. 

Our innovative design negates the need to hold whole batches of data to dispense address labels. And unlike other models on the market, one removed, swapped, or missing parcel will not result in a stream of incorrectly labelled parcels. Instead, it works in a few simple steps:

  • The Flexo 500 E-com starts by feeding one product at a time into the shrink wrapper. 

  • There, the Vulcan print-and-apply system will scan and detect the individual product, retrieve the corresponding address record, and print one dedicated label. 

  • The shrink wrapper then bags the product and applies the printed label, before destroying the data. 

  • The system then waits for the next product before beginning again. 

This one-in-one-out process eliminates errors and ensures absolute reliability and security as well as 100% compliance with GDPR data laws. Expect a short payback on your capital investment and ultimately a far more consistent process for your products - it’s a genius solution.

Back up and support

Our priority is ensuring that you have total peace of mind and confidence in your equipment. That’s why YPS is proud to provide an award-winning service contract, free of charge with every machine. This is unique in our industry. Service contracts provide regular preventative maintenance from our team of expert in-house engineers, so your machinery stays operating at peak performance to guarantee longevity. 

compatible materials


We’re continuously striving to minimise the impact of our goods and services on the planet. To complement our e-commerce automatic bagging machines, we also supply 100% recyclable poly bags, high-quality polyolefin shrink plastic, polythene shrink film, bio-based plastic and paper-based materials for a range of applications.

In line with our plastic pledge, not only do we supply films that contain recycled content (up to 70%) to reduce levels of raw materials used in their production, we also ensure our plastic films are fully recyclable (to LDPE 04) and have OPRL approval. In addition, YPS are able to offer downgauged films. Even our thinnest films incur no penalty in terms of strength or functionality, but they do significantly reduce the volumes of plastic used.

For online retailers, we can also supply recyclable coated and uncoated paper packaging materials.

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