Tabletop Automatic Bagging Machine

Key Features
  • Hand loaded E-Commerce bagging solution delivering speed and security.
  • Small, medium and XL bags catered for.
  • Print directly onto shipping bags to negate paper labels.
  • Simple operation with colour touch screen controls.
  • Compact and ergonomic tabletop design with easy integration for existing machinery.
  • Intelligent PC based system with timer mode, pack counters and monitors.
  • Precise bag opening without the need for compressed air.
  • 10cm wide print head for larger print area.
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Multiple savings in the bag

Our automatic bagging machines achieve savings across multiple business KPIs for a short return on investment. Labour costs are significantly reduced as this equipment can be substituted for as many as three packing operators. Considerable time in every production run is also saved because the bagger has the capacity to fulfil mail-order shipments 80% faster than manual packing methods whilst impressive throughput increases of up to 61% have been documented. Additionally, material cost savings are achieved as secondary packaging like paper labels or stickers are negated due to the internally mounted thermal transfer inkjet ribbon which prints any desired information up to 104mm width directly onto the shipping bag in a consistently high clarity, high-resolution format. The system boasts an intelligent ‘ribbon out’ sensor which prevents wasted ribbon, equating to a further saving on consumables.

Incredibly easy to use

Day-to-day operation of the automated bagging machine couldn’t be simpler. Polybags are fed through the machine, labelled with address information and then opened automatically ready for product to be inserted by hand. A quick tap of the arm-height sensors either side of the bag will trigger the bag to be perfectly sealed and secured, ready for postage.

Everything in our range of automatic bagging machines is fully electric, meaning they can be plugged in and used at any convenient packing station. Several inbuilt features facilitate easy loading of packs such as a 90° rotation capability for horizontal loading if required and adjustable height settings for the unit. An optional, fully adjustable shelf load can also be supplied for simple loading of heavier or bulky items. Intuitive self-diagnostics allow issues to be identified and rectified quickly and easily whilst the touchscreen allows for speedy changeovers in bag specification settings. Forget about compressed air requirements; a cross flow fan channels high volume, low-pressure ducted air for precise bag opening without fuss. Meanwhile. upgraded models come with an Auto-Rol™  tension system which guarantees consistent web flow and eliminates any breakage and a ‘clamshell’ design makes threading of the bags almost effortless.

Back up and support

Our priority is ensuring that you have total peace of mind and confidence in your equipment. That’s why YPS are proud to provide a service contract free of charge with every machine, which is unique in our industry. Service contracts provide regular preventative maintenance from our team of expert in-house engineers, keeping your machinery operating at peak performance and guaranteeing its longevity. As such, YPS have been recognised with PPMA industry awards for exceptional after-sales service and support – why not put us to the test?

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