Flexo E-COM

Key Features
  • Innovative high speed E-Commerce Print & Apply Labelling solution that guarantees 100% GDPR compliance.
  • Fully integrated label application system with approval checking system from Logopak.
  • Common bag width approach for simple and easy setup.
  • Simple touch screen control system and remote diagnostic support.
  • Compatible with all fully recyclable YPS films (LDPE 04) including bio films and recycled content films up to 70%.
  • Compatible with recyclable coated and uncoated paper packaging from YPS.
  • Compatible with printed films for enhanced branding possibilities.
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An innovative investment for GDPR compliance

The Flexo E-COM represents a revolution in turnkey e-commerce solutions and is the industry-leading entry level model in our E-range. Within one sleek system, a standard bagging process is combined with an integrated print and apply label technology from Logopak to provide faultless data management for your packaged products.

The E-COM is a sound investment for your e-commerce production because it eradicates the manual handling aspects of packing and labelling, negating the room for human error. Furthermore, the E-COM can reduce labour costs by replacing up to 8 people per line.

The genius in this solution is its perfect precision. The system only works with one piece of data at any one time. In alternative models on the market, the print and apply label software would hold a whole batch of data and dispense address labels one by one onto wrapped packages. One removed, swapped or missing parcel on the conveyor would cause a stream of incorrectly labelled parcels to follow. Our innovative E-COM design works instead by feeding one product at a time into the shrink wrapper which has the print and apply system mounted inside. The individual product is scanned, the corresponding address record is retrieved and one dedicated label is printed. The product is then bagged by the shrink wrapper and the printed label applied before the data is destroyed. The system then waits for the next product before beginning again. This one-in-one-out process eliminates errors and ensures absolute reliability and security as well as 100% compliance with GDPR data laws.

Our E-COM has a passing height of 250mm as standard and a passing width of 600mm as standard.

Investing in an E-COM packaging solution from YPS represents a short payback on capital investment and ultimately a far more consistent process for your products.

Greener solutions from YPS

To complement the e-commerce automatic bagging line, we are also able to supply high quality polyolefin shrink plastic, polythene shrink film, bio-based plastic and paper-based materials depending upon your application type.

Our aim at YPS is to reduce the impact our products have on our environment, in line with our plastic pledge. To achieve this, not only do we supply films that contain recycled content (up to 70%) which reduces the levels of raw materials used in their production, but all of our plastic films are fully recyclable to LDPE 04 and have OPRL approval. Furthermore, YPS are able to offer downgauged films that incur no penalty in terms of strength or functionality but significantly reduce the volumes of plastic used.

For online retailers facing plastic objections from their customer base, we can also supply recyclable coated and uncoated paper packaging materials.

Back up and support

We are proud to be unique within the industry for providing a service contract free of charge with every machine supplied, offering you complete peace of mind. We are also the proud winners of the PPMA customer service award which recognised our commitment to best-in-class backup and support.

Award Winning Customer Service

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Service Contract As Standard

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