YPS Seal It For Ronseal

One of our fully automatic side feed sleeve wrappers and shrink tunnels has now been integrated into the Sheffield-based factory of Ronseal, the UK’s number one supplier of Woodcare coatings, following extensive trials.

When Ronseal required a multi-pack format they decided that in order to achieve the most cost-effective and efficient packaging result, shrink wrapping was the most logical choice.

As each pack of decking oil weighs considerable amounts, it was important that the infeed belt on the shrink wrapper was upgraded from a standard belt to a heavy-duty ‘SNB’ modular infeed system. The heavy-duty belt is comfortably able to cope with the lateral stresses of pushing the heavy products off the belt at 90 degrees to the direction of travel.

In addition to this modification, the shrink tunnel belt was also upgraded to incorporate side chains which are designed to prevent the shrink tunnel belt from stretching over time, compared to the more common cheaper friction driven systems available on the market.

We have been more than happy with the shrink wrapping line and the backup and service which YPS can offer us. The equipment came in and was up and running within hours. It has performed very well and is highly reliable.

Barry Colledge, continuous improvement manager at Ronseal.

Ronseal's Benefits at a glance

support & service

increased efficiency

cost savings

improved reliability

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