Jacobs Bakery Install Third YPS Shrinkwrapper!

Jacob’s Bakery, a leading supplier of sweet and snack products in the UK came back to us once again for the supply of their third fully automatic sleeve sealer into their Liverpool plant.

The bakery had to introduce shrink wrapping following requests from the supermarkets to reduce packaging waste and so following exhaustive transit trials earlier in the year which proved the concept to be viable, outer cartons have been replaced on various products.

The equipment we supplied to Jacobs consists of two 800mm wide side feed sleeve sealers designed to wrap a collation of kilo and half kilo biscuit packs. These two lines were manufactured to a slightly larger specification in order to comfortably accommodate all the possible sizes.

The third line we have provided is a smaller 600mm wide side feed sleeve sealer designed to wrap trayless collations of cylindrical tins of the ever popular Twiglet snacks. Here we drew on our experience of manufacturing equipment for the dairy industry by incorporating our own manufactured feeding and collating system. This effectively allowed packs to travel from Jacobs’ production line in a single lane format with the machinery collating and shrink wrapping in a 2×3 format.

It was this ability to easily customise each machine coupled with the quality and reliability of our equipment which persuaded Jacobs to choose YPS.

‘Shrink wrapping has been a successful venture for us in terms of providing the best method of increasing production speeds, keeping costs under control and maintaining pack integrity’ explained Keri Bowness, Jacobs Packaging Buyer – Paper and Containers.

Glyn Johnson, YPS M.D. stated ‘Over recent years we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of enquiries we receive for this type of equipment as companies continue to try and limit their packaging waste liability by moving away from cartons and opting instead for the benefits of shrink wrapping.’

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