OXBTEC Barrier Polyolefin Shrink Film

Key Features
  • New! R-OXBTEC, a 20 micron, fully recyclable barrier shrink film for poultry.
  • Fully BRC and food-contact approved.
  • The thinnest poultry shrink film on the market.
  • High impact and puncture resistance reduces damage and product loss.
  • Water-resistant packaging and hermetic leak-proof seals.
  • High anti-fog capacity and outstanding optical properties.
  • Shrinks without wrinkles, for superior presentation.
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New! Recyclable barrier film for poultry

In an exciting world first, we can confirm the launch of R-OXBTEC – a widely recyclable shrink film solution for the whole bird market in conjunction with Bollore, the world pioneering manufacturer of shrink film. Developed with the poultry market specifically in mind, R-OXBTEC is a unique offering to deliver a totally food-safe, extreme strength, 20mu barrier film that is 100% recyclable to SPI code 04. This dedicated film, which can be recycled at larger supermarkets and at some kerbsides, is eligible to carry the official OPRL recycling symbol shown above.

Standard OXBTEC

We are proud suppliers of the outstanding OXBTEC polyolefin barrier shrink film from Bollore. OXBTEC is an innovative polyolefin film dedicated specifically to the food processing industry, created to meet the exacting demands of this market. This barrier shrink film is a revolutionary modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) solution. It’s officially the thinnest film on the market when it comes to packaging poultry.

These OXBTEC polyolefin barrier shrink films are a dedicated solution for modified atmosphere overwrapping because they are formulated with barrier and anti-fog properties, making them ideal for the packaging of fresh food product units. This popular film is unique to us and is ideal for applications where hygiene is of high importance.

OXBTEC offers high impact and puncture resistance, reducing the potential for damage and product loss, which is critical when packaging fresh meat and poultry in order to prevent contamination risks. To complement this, it’s completely water-resistant and ensures hermetic leak-proof seals are formed.

Due to its high anti-fog capacity, OXBTEC provides outstanding optical properties. It also shrinks tightly around the product without wrinkles, delivering superior presentation.

Enjoy long roll lengths for maximum yield and also optimum shrinkage, consistency and reliability, as well as complete BRC approval.

Fully BRC & Food Contact Approved

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