Sharp Max 12 Bagging Machine

Sharp Max 12 Bagging Machine

The fastest machine in our vertical bagging range.

When you need a fast and efficient bagging system with high throughput, quick changeovers and low downtime, choose the MAX 12™ continuous roll bagging system, capable of bagging up to 50 packs per minute. The system makes running multiple applications a breeze and is engineered to increase speeds while ensuring precise bagging.

Boasting an integrated thermal transfer printer for direct on-bag printing of batch codes, QR codes and bar codes, the Max 12 also negates the need for secondary labels and delivers an improved aesthetic. Guaranteed to slash the labour requirements of any manual packing operation without the hassle of a high-maintenance solution, the Max 12 is simple to operate, ergonomic and portable. Looking for a low maintenance, high performance system offering convenience and flexibility? The Max 12 has it all.

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tech specs

Dimensions and weight

115cm wide x 100cm high and 133kg in weight.

Rate speed

You can achieve 50 packed bags per minute with the MAX 12, the fastest model in our range.

Air supply

80 psi, 5.5 bar.

Accomodates a wide range of bag sizes

The only bagger on the market that can run a wide variation of bag dimensions, ranging from 50mm-305mm wide and 100mm-1062mm long.

optional extras

Choose from bag deflators, product support shelves, seal flatteners, light curtain or optical finger switches for quick cycling, a handheld or table top scanners, as well as various infeed scoops and funnels.

Service contract

Included as standard.

Key Features


Integration with any workstation

The Max 12 bagger slots into your packing station effortlessly, combining well with upstream and downstream equipment including infeed and outfeed devices for a truly seamless, turnkey solution. Equipment such as bowl feeders, funnels, conveyors and weigh count systems can all be integrated, as well as conveyors at the outfeed. Plus, the Max 12 offers the ability to pack products either semi-automatically or fully automatically, meaning this system offers the ultimate flexibility for any packing operation.

Incredibly easy to use

A number of features make the Max 12 easy to navigate and use. It's intelligent HMI has a smart-phone style touchscreen, where settings and parameters can be amended and controlled with only minimal data input required. Its RECIPE /RECALL storage function allows operators to log easily retrievable SKU’s, barcodes and product information for repeat batch runs.

The machine's interface also boasts a bank of instructional videos covering basic maintenance checks, fault clearing and troubleshooting, with additional video guides to demonstrate change parts and bag and ribbon changeovers. Bag changeovers themselves can be performed in less than 60 seconds using the machines ‘clamshell’ design at the rear which makes threading effortless.

A batch count feature allows the operator to pack products without the need to manually count the number of processed bags. This offers precise production reporting as well as total peace of mind for the operator, guaranteeing each batch volume requirement is completed. 

The Max 12's photoeye sensor (responsible for precision bag length detection) is also totally maintenance free, unlike alternative bag length detection systems that require changeable wear parts.

The Sharp MAX 12 can bag


Printed materials


Boxed Products

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Back up and support

Our priority is ensuring that you have total peace of mind and confidence in your equipment. That’s why YPS are proud to provide a service contract free of charge with every machine, which is unique in our industry. Service contracts provide regular preventative maintenance from our team of expert in-house engineers, keeping your machinery operating at peak performance and guaranteeing its longevity. As such, YPS have been recognised with PPMA industry awards for exceptional after-sales service and support – why not put us to the test?

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