Paper-X Paper & Film Packaging

Key Features
  • A paper and film packaging machine offering the utmost versatility and flexibility.
  • Innovative high-speed wrapping solution.
  • Continuous production without stop-and-go sealing or glueing for maximum efficiency.
  • Quick and easy changeovers between materials.
  • Simple touch screen control system and remote diagnostic support.
  • Compatible with fully recyclable coated and uncoated paper packaging from YPS.
  • Compatible with all fully recyclable YPS films including PO, PE, PP, Ultra-thin, biofilms (LDPE 04) and recycled content films up to 70%.
  • Compatible with printed films or paper for enhanced branding possibilities.
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Ideal Applications

  • Mail order items
  • Contract Packing
  • Magazines
  • Apparel
  • And more…

Paper AND plastic! – The future is flexible

Meet the Paper-X: a high-tech wrapping machine to rival all others. A multi-purpose hybrid that can wrap products in both paper AND plastic.

The trend towards paper packaging over plastic is undoubtedly growing due to increasing perceptions that it is more environmentally friendly. Yet plastic flexibles still have a huge role to play in the packaging of goods due to their lightweight properties and durability. With the Paper-X’s capacity to wrap using both consumables, you don’t have to choose one over the other. The Paper-X will future-proof your process whichever way the trends are shifting.

Combining the versatility and flexibility offered by this powerful solution with Hugo Beck’s craftsmanship for high-speed packaging automation and Yorkshire Packaging’s outstanding backup and support, it’s easy to see why our Paper-X is the winning formula for professional wrapping.

Turn a new page with paper packaging….

Transforming your products with paper packaging couldn’t be easier than with the Paper-X. Both coated and uncoated papers are compatible with the equipment and a wide array of thicknesses ranging from approximately 60 g/m 2 to 120 g/m2 are accepted. YPS are stockists of fully recyclable paper wrapping in both brown and white specifications and printed designs can also be catered for, should you wish to enhance branding or display important information on your packs. Furthermore, you can achieve impressive speeds of up to 10,000 packs per hour using paper on the Paper-X.

Flexibility is the order of the day as the machine is able to create different types of paper seams to cater for different products. An extended ‘lip’ style of seal is seen on the ends of these schematics.

Paper PacksPaper Packs 2


A simpler ‘overlapping’ style of seal is also possible, where a strip of excess paper folds over the opposite side of the pack to enclose the product.

Furthermore, seals can be either be created at the ends of the pack to achieve total enclosure or packs can be left open at the ends to create a ‘sleeve’ of paper, a style most typically used for wrapping magazines. This is shown in the schematic below. Paper ‘bands’ are also a possibility, visualised on the second graphic below, where paper straps are applied over only the edges of the pack.

Paper Packs 3Paper Packs 4To create the seals on paper materials, small inconspicuous glue dots are applied along the edges of the paper layers and the machine neatly presses these together once the pack is inside. Alternatively, the seams on paper packs can be sewn. The addition of this glue and/or stitching does not affect the recyclability of the paper.

…Or seal the deal with recyclable plastic films

Plastic shrink films and bagging films also perform exceptionally well on the Paper-X. Both centre-folded and single-wound wraps are compatible, in any micron over 7mu, of any specification and with any percentage of recycled content. Speeds of up to 15,000 packs per hour can be achieved on the Paper-X when running shrink film.

Seals are formed via top overlapping or side sealing, and packs can be totally enclosed or in sleeves, depending on your requirements.

Smooth and simple changeovers

To transfer between the two materials requires only a quick and easy changeover of parts. This process takes on average only 30 to 60 minutes to complete before production can commence once again in your consumable of choice.

A revolution in contract packing

Why is the Paper-X so significant for contract packers? Imagine that your existing wrapping operation runs plastic heat shrink film across all your customer’s product ranges. Then a client suddenly requires that you wrap their products in paper, perhaps due to environmental concerns. If you can’t accommodate paper wrapping, you may lose the contract. Do you invest in a second machine, sacrificing further floorspace and taking on the extra rigours of maintenance that a second machine entails? Well, now you don’t need to, because here’s where our Paper-X comes into its own for contract packing applications. Purchase one unit and rest assured that you now have the flexibility to satisfy all of your customer’s differing requirements.


Pick paper, pick plastic. With the new Paper-X wrapping machine from YPS, the choice is really that simple.

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