Hey Pesto! Belazu Benefit From Shrink Wrapper

When leading Ingredients firm Belazu wanted to automate their packaging operation, our semi automatic sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel did the trick.

Belazu are a world-renowned supplier of fresh olives, pastes. spices, vinegars and oils to the catering industry and to retailers since they first started in 1991. Our equipment has allowed them to shrink wrap a variety of multi-packs of ingredients in a shelf-ready format. The sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel operate as two separate modular units instead of a uniblock configuration. This allows for a future-proofed operation with an easy upgrade path, considering the sealer can be easily upgraded to a higher speed automatic model at any time. This was important to the food manufacturer as they anticipate higher volumes of orders to fulfil in the coming years.

The benefit of transitioning to shrink wrapping for Belazu has been an increased throughput at a much reduced cost compared to the alternative cardboard solution. Furthermore, without the stage of box erection, the packaging process is now much simpler and less time-consuming.

Derek Wiles, operations manager for Belazu said:

YPS were really helpful in advising us of what we required, paid great attention to the important details and gave us a total solution, with the option to upgrade to an automatic machine in the future.

Belazu's benefits at a glance

simple process


create multipacks

increased output

total solution

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