How To Apply Hand Pallet Wrap

If you‘re tasked with manually binding your pallets using hand stretch film, you may be wondering about the best way to achieve the perfect wrap. How can you ensure even coverage, utmost security without squashing and minimal film wastage? Plus, what’s the quickest and easiest application method?

For the perfect hand pallet wrapping technique, follow our tried and tested approach which will deliver maximum results with minimum fuss in a few easy steps.

Just Wrap, Tack, Repeat!

  • Begin by unwinding approximately a 1-metre length of wrap from the reel.

  • Tie the end of this length to one corner of the wooden pallet base and make a secure and tight knot.

  • Hold the reel upright by the two extruding ends of its carboard core and begin to walk closely around the pallet, allowing it to unwind as you move. It’s often easiest to walk backwards around the pallet, although you must first clear the surrounding area of obstructions and trip hazards, remaining observant as you move.

  • Your first two rotations around the pallet should be only around the base, overlapping both the wooden pallet and the stacked items on top of it. This provides a firm and stable platform from which you can continue wrapping.

  • Continue to encircle the pallet, unwinding the stretch wrap as you go and applying it slightly higher on each circuit until you’ve reached the top and full coverage has been achieved. Each time you reach a corner, apply an extra degree of tension.

  • Throughout this process, occasionally use your hand to press down on the layers of pallet wrap to help them stick to one another.

  • Once the pallet is fully wrapped, turn the roll of film 360⁰ in your hands twice to create a torsion point.

  • Carefully use a blade or pocket knife to slice through the stretch film after the torsion point to release the remainder of the roll.

  • Tuck the end piece of the stretch film between a few layers of the film on the pallet or fix it onto the wooden pallet base.

  • Give the pallet a final once-over by running your hands along the film and pressing lightly to ensure the film’s cling properties are maximised.

  • That’s it – you’ve now mastered the perfect hand pallet wrap skills!

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