Pizza Capping Shrink Film

Key Features
  • Fully recyclable to LDPE level 4.
  • Fully BRC and food-contact approved.
  • Anti-fog properties mean that Pizza Capping film is resistant to water droplets occurring inside the pack.
  • Cross linked construction, to provide a high level of puncture resistance.
  • Wide operating window.
  • Width and length of sheet can be manufactured to any specification.
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Pizza Capping Shrink Film

This pizza capping film solution from YPS is the unrivalled market-leader when it comes to anti-fog properties – essential for pizza products. It is also the first of its kind to be OPRL-approved and fully recyclable to LDPE level 4. Furthermore, all other pizza capping film on the market is currently manufactured in Japan, whilst our short European supply chain translates to reduced costs and is significantly better for the environment.

Our standard Bollore BFF shrink film is converted in-house at YPS through a perforation process to become our pizza capping film. This means that it can be provided in any width required. Moreover, just like standard pizza capping films, we perforate across the length of the roll meaning that we can match any sheet length requirements. For example; 580mm wide x 550mm long sheets which are suitable for small pizzas or 650mm wide x 650mm long sheets which are suitable for large pizzas.

Our pizza capping anti-fog shrink film offers market-leading shrink qualities as well as outstanding machinability. Together these features give your wrapped pizzas outstanding optics and a glossy display finish.

As the exclusive UK distributors of Bollore BFF film, the base for our pizza capping wrap, we are confident that it’s superior anti-fog properties ensure that your pizzas are kept clear from internal water droplets, making it ideal for display pack presentation in supermarkets and other direct customer sales channels.

For optimum results when using this product, we recommend use with the Mantle Packaging machinery shown in the product image above.

Fully Recyclable To LDPE Level 4

Fully BRC & Food Contact Approved

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