BTS - High Sealing Performance Polyolefin Shrink Film

Key Features
  • Fully Recyclable to LDPE level 4.
  • Fully BRC and food contact approved.
  • Excellent heat-sealing characteristics.
  • Secure package in freezing temperatures.
  • Great optics.
  • Stiffness to improve machinability at very high speeds.
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Our Bollore BTS polyolefin shrink wrap belongs to our range of specialised films that are dedicated to high speed ‘horizontal fill form seal’ machines. However this film is also compatible for use with our wide range of L sealers, combination L sealers and high speed side sealers.

Designed with excellent sealing characteristics, superior optics and resistance at low temperatures, BTS plastic performs excellently with frozen food products such as pizzas. Our BTS shrink wrap increases productivity through the combination of it’s rigid layers at the core and it’s sealable external layers, meaning high shrink wrap performance is achieved at higher speeds. BTS plastic is also designed to be frozen following the heat shrink sleeving process and retains its high-end finish qualities without snapping issues or the seals breaking. This is unlike other types of available shrink films which can become brittle and snap when frozen.

This type of shrink film is only available in 14Mu single wound sizes. Like our entire range of polyolefin shrink wrap, our BTS shrink wrap film is available to sample at your convenience.

Please note that typically we have found that UK market (when compared to Europe) relies much more heavily on fresh pizzas than frozen and so in that market we would recommend our Bollore BTT films designed for high-speed fresh food production.

Fully BRC & Food Contact Approved

Fully Recyclable To LDPE Level 4

Sample Rolls Available For Trials