Shrink & Stretch Film

Yorkshire Packaging Systems can supply a complete offering of shrink films and stretch films for your packaging operation. Next day delivery of film anywhere in the UK is made possible by our extensive stocks and large centrally-located warehouse and a call-off facility is also available. All films are BRC certified, from manufacture through to storage and distribution.

We are pleased to confirm that all of our shrink film products are fully recyclable to LDPE level 4 and can be officially labelled with OPRL-approved recycling symbols that are in line with local authority recycling services.

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Shrink film

As the exclusive UK distributor for the rapidly expanding Bollore range of high performance polyolefin shrink wrap films, we can supply the correct grade of film for any machine and application from stock.

Bollore shrink films are developed to provide unrivalled attributes for the ease of sealing and shrinking without the demerits of lesser quality shrink films. They are designed to give outstanding optics with second-to-none transparency and clarity. Optimised shrinkage, absolute consistency, tensile strength, maximum yield and high speed sealing capabilities also ensure a market-leading shrink wrap solution. Furthermore, the Bollore range is environmentally friendly as all films are non-corrosive and are fully recyclable, as well as containing a bio-based shrink film with properties that are unmatched gloablly.

The combination of Bollore’s worldwide reputation for reliability and our status for outstanding service gives our customers complete confidence in our shrink wrapping solutions.

Stretch film

Yorkshire Packaging can supply British-manufactured stretch films from a BRC-certified site to offer the utmost protection for transit of goods. These films are available in a range of widths, microns and stretch ratios to suit any application and promise the highest of quality compared to competitor films on the market.

YPS stretch film offers the opportunity to downgauge in thickness without compromising on strength, equating to a 20% saving in cost and volumes of plastic year on year.


Frequently asked questions

Yorkshire Packaging Systems has consistently achieved AA grade BRC certification in the Global Standard for Storage and Distribution for many years, something which we know is of paramount importance to our customers. Our manufacturing site, Bollore Technologies, is also BRC certified. Both certificates are available upon request.

OPRL is an initiative, in conjunction with WRAP UK, to demonstrate recycling possibilities for packaging more widely and clearly. The On-Pack Recycling Label delivers a simple, UK-wide, consistent recycling message for use on both retailer private label and brand-owner packaging. Unlike other recycling labels, the scheme is based on current local authority recycling services and reflects what can be recycled, and where. This enables more consumers to recycle more material correctly, more often.

A call off order is a fantastic facility we use at YPS to ensure that we always have your shrink film ready for just when you need it! It offers our customers flexibility and freedom by reserving their shrink film in our large 20,000 sq ft warehouse, with the convenience of paying for it as they take it. All that is needed is a purchase order for an agreed amount of shrink film, from which amounts can be taken as and when required, until the purchase order has been completely fulfilled. This call off facility may help some customers delay price increases due to changes in the market, when arranged with their YPS account manager.