YPS Didn’t Shire Away From Shrink Wrapping Needs!

Our second shrink wrapper is now up and running at the Leamington Spa-based factory of Shire Foods.

Shire Foods produce pies and pasties for direct supply to many football, rugby and sporting stadiums, since they first struck a deal with Coventry City Football Club in 1991. Their popular frozen British meat pies and pastries are have been so successful that they are now supplying them for the major supermarkets. Due to the increased demand they needed a way to wrap their packs, which are to be typically in collations of 2 x 4 and 2 x 5, ready for transit. It is with with great pleasure to announce that we had the very solution for their needs.

After being happy with the first line we supplied, Shire Foods quickly placed an order for a second side feed shrink wrapper complete with one of our ‘Lazy Susan’ rotary turntables designed to collect the product off the production lines prior to being loaded onto the machine.

The shrink wrappers were specially modified to have a higher back stop which ensured that as loose collations were placed onto the infeed they were automatically squared up meaning that a neat finished collation is produced.

The benefit to Shire Foods of shrink wrapping has been a considerable cost saving compared to using a cardboard packaging solution and an improvement in efficiency as the machine part-collates the packs.

Dee Kendrick, Packaging Manager commented; ‘YPS were helpful in advising us of what we required, paid great attention to the important details and gave us a total solution. The installation went very smoothly and we are now reaping the benefits’.

Glyn Johnson, YPS M.D. states ‘It has been great for us to have the opportunity to supply Shire Foods with a second line and this last installation was relatively straight forward due to our existing understanding of their needs.’

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